How To Turn Off Crossplay World of Warships

World of Warships is a naval-based war game in which players form a team and the combat is between players and other players or AI bots. The game provides various challenges the players must face to earn rewards. The co-op battle mode against teams makes the game even more interesting. 

Cross-play in the game permits the players to play the same game even using different platforms for the purpose. It doesn’t matter if two players are playing the same game on two different platforms, cross-play will let you play together. World of Warships allows cross-platform with the PlayStation series and the Xbox series. It means that players playing WoW through these two consoles can play together. 

You can turn off Crossplay in World of Warships by following these steps. Menu> Settings> Account> Privacy and Online Safety> Xbox Privacy> Custom> Communication and Multiplayer> Block CrossPlay. Learn more about these steps in detail to know the best possible ways to turn off crossplay. 

How Do You Turn Off Crossplay World of Warships

You can use this crossplay turn-off method on Xbox 

  1. You must start by clicking on the guide button and then choose the Settings option there. 
  2. This step will present various options for you, choose the Settings tab, and go to Account
  3. In Account, choose the Privacy and Online Safety option. 
  4. A pop-up menu will show you a few options, select Xbox Privacy from there. 
  5. Choose Custom and then click on View Details and Customise
  6. You will now see some more options, from there, choose Communication and Multiplayer
  7. Then, you will see a tab You can join cross-network play. Click on the arrow facing downwards and choose Block

Now, the cross-play will be turned off in your game, and if you desire to turn it back on, follow the similar steps as mentioned above and then choose Allow instead of Block

How Do You Turn Off Crossplay World of Warships- FAQs

Is World Of Warships Cross-Platform Between PC And Xbox One?

This would be disappointing for the gamers but No, World of Warships does not support Cross-Platform between Xbox One and PC. If you and your friends are playing World of Warships through these two platforms then you won’t be able to use Crossplay. 

What are the cross-platforms for World of Warships? 

As we found out earlier, World of Warships doesn’t allow or feature cross-platform between PC and Xbox One. You can use crossplay between consoles like Xbox One and the PS4. Crossplay is also allowed between Android and iOS modes. The player can also use cross-platform between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and also between their favorite consoles like Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

How do you Add Friends in World of Warships?

In the game, look for the Battle button. Now, right to the battle button, you will find the Friends tab. Click on Friends and then go to Add Friends option available at the bottom of the screen. A search column will appear with your friends list. You can search for your friend there by adding their username and when you see their profile, Click on Add To Friends, and you are done. 

Wrap Up

World of Warship is an exciting battle game set in a naval theme. The game allows you to compete in battles and missions with your companions and this makes it worth putting on some time. We have provided you with the information and steps regarding the game crossplay and how can you turn it on or off. We also tried to clear your doubts regarding the cross-platforms supported or not supported by World of Warships. 

Go through these steps carefully, add your friends and enjoy this amazing combat game together with your partners. 

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