Is Dnf Duel Crossplay?| Dungeon Fighter Online Crossplay

Arc System Works, Neople, and Eighting have worked on a fighting game that combines the characters of Dungeon Fighter Online. And this game was named DNF Duel that featured the gameplay of the classes of the online game competing against each other. But, is DNF Duel crossplay? That’s what most gamers want to know, and if you do too, then this is the apt place to read through.

The most loved and played RPGs around the globe, DNF (Dungeon and Fighter) has come back as a 2.5D combat game. Select from various charming characters each with their unique abilities and personality. Outwit, outplay or even beat your adversaries and be the master of the Ultimate Will.

The disappointing fact is that for now, DNF Duel is not crossplay, and thus, if you and your friends are using different console types from each other, then it is not possible for you to play together. However, a little relief that the game at least provides cross-gen gameplay.

Let us see in detail about the game DNF Duel and its crossplay feature availability, just keep reading and attain all the required information.

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Is DNF Duel Crossplay In 2022?

Whether it is the lightning-fast and flashy shots of the swift Ranger or the blunt force of the wild Berserker, the characters’ famous traits have been amplified and refined in DNF Duel. Relax and unwind in Smooth Online Gameplay. Get online to play with your friends or players from around the world.

Hardcore fighting game fans will be pleased to know that the game features a rollback net code that allows for a consistent online experience. Arc System Works is working on the game together with people.

Let us first see which platforms support the game DNF Duel, here is the list:

1. Microsoft Windows

2. PlayStation 4

3. PlayStation 5

Well, as these are the only platforms where you can play DNF Duel, there is not much of a need for the crossplay feature, still, some of you might need it, so let us discuss this.

Crossplay hasn’t been verified between consoles and PC, however, the game permits cross-gen gameplay. By cross-gen we mean that if you and your friends have gaming consoles from the same manufacturing company, just the models from different generations, then you will be able to play the game together. For instance, PS4 and PS5 players can play DNF Duel together.

Is Dungeon Fighter Online on PS4?

Nexon has launched an open beta for the brand new slugfest set in the famous MMO Dungeon Fighter Online world. PS4 and PS5 players can join the brand new fighter over the coming weekend, with action scheduled to start between December 17 on Friday and December 20 on Monday.

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Is DNF Duel Available On Console?

DNF Duel is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC when right when it was launched. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch owners won’t be in a position to play at the very least until it launches for that too.

Wrap Up

Thus, even though you are not permitted to play DNF Duel with friends who have consoles from different manufacturing companies, at least those from the same console family can play together, for the rest, just hope that the developers consider the need to introduce the full crossplay mode to DNF Duel.

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