How To Check KD In MW2?

Being a multiplayer game, KD plays a vital role in MW2 (COD) as it keeps a check on the progression of your game like how many kills you have gotten across all multiplayer playlists. Now you must be wondering how to check KD in MW2. Right? Don’t Worry! We are here with this article to help you out with this. 

KD in MW2 should be of two types- whether it is a positive KD or a negative KD. As its name suggests, positive KD means you are doing great in your game, while negative KD implies that you need to do something more to advance through the game. Now, the thing is how to check its status. All this will be explained later in the article.

Currently, the only way to check your KD in Modern Warfare 2 is at the end of the match from the scoreboard. This is because while you are playing the game, it is not visible at that time, you will have to wait until the match ends. 

Everyone wants to keep a record of their fights during the matches so that they can keep a track of his/her during the game. If that’s the same thing with you, then the only way to do this is through KD. So, it’s necessary for you to know how to properly check KD for MW2 so that you do not get any wrong information about your game. 

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How To check KD In MW2?

With the growing popularity of COD games for so many years, much of our gaming population players have entered into COD games only because of which these games hold a great place in the gaming community. To maintain their place in the gaming world, the developers of COD games keep on adding some interesting features to these games. One of the features is KD, which you will find easily in MW2. 

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Now let us elaborate to you that what this KD feature is for in the game. Okay! Everybody who is playing the game needs to keep a record of their combat, like how many matches they win or lose and progress through the game. For this, KD helps you to keep a record of your, during the whole game, and even the record of your previous matches. Isn’t that an interesting thing? Obviously, it is.

But the problem is that only a few people have the correct idea of how to check KD. There are still many players who want to use this feature, but they can’t, as they do not know the proper procedure of how to check it. 

Let’s quickly solve this problem. Well! Right now the only method to check your MW2 KD is through the scoreboard after a match. At the end of the match, this leaderboard will show your kills, deaths, and KD ratio for the particular match. The important thing is that KD is not visible while the game is running. You can see it only at the end of the game. KD ratio is a decimal point number that can be visible on the leaderboard. 

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The thing is that you can only see the KD ratio of the single match that you are playing at that time. You are not able to see the all KD ratios of your previous matches. So, for the time being, you only have the privilege to check the KD ratio of your currently playing match that too at the end of the match.  

As the new Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass set is ready to launch on November 16, there is some hope that may be Infinity Wards will add that Kd functionality to check the KD of your all matches at that time. But it is not confirmed yet. So, for now, we can only hope and wait for its addition to the MW2.


That’s all you need to know about how to check KD in MW2. For the time being, you can not maintain a record of all your previous matches played by you, but you can check the ratio of your playing game at that time. So, just keep a record of that single match until the KD feature improves with that thing too. 

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