Feraligatr Best Moveset Pokemon Go

If you are planning to use Feraligatr for your next battle, you must be aware of Feraligatr best Moveset in Pokemon Go, because that is what will get you an upper hand during the fight. Are you aware of the best attacks that this Pokemon can imply to inflict the most damage? If not, then keep reading and here you will get the answer. 

Every Pokemon in Pokemon Go has its own strengths and weakness, and it is necessary to be aware of them if you want to catch a Pokemon or use it for a battle, be it your Pokemon or the opponent’s because if you are not aware, you are going to get a deadly blow and your chances of winning will also be too low. 

The best Feraligatr Moveset in Pokemon Go is Hydro Cannon and Water Gun because this is the Moveset that gets you the highest DPS value and thus, is the best choice for any PvP battle you are using a Feraligatr in. There are also a lot of good Movesets for this Pokemon that you can check out in the latter part of this article. 

Let us discuss all the important moves of a Feraligatr in Pokemon Go so that you can use them or defend against them accordingly during a battle. 

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Feraligatr Best Moveset Pokemon GO

A Feraligatr is a Water Type Pokemon and is vulnerable to the Pokemon with Grass Type and Electric Type Movesets. 

On the other hand, this Pokemon is also resistant to the Pokemon that have Steel, fire, Ice, or Water Type Movesets. 

There are two different kinds of moves that a Pokemon can have in the game Pokemon Go, these are Fast Moves and Charged Moves. 

This is for the reason that the fast moves are supposed to inflict damage at a small level so that your charged move gets enough time to get powered up for its use. This means that both the moves are of equal importance for a Pokemon in the game if one is really willing to win a battle. 

So, the best Feraligatr Moveset for the offense is:

Water Gun – 12 DPS, Hydro Cannon – 56.8 DPS. 

However, the best Fearligatr Moveset for the defense is:

Ice Fang – 8 DPS, Hydro Cannon – 56.8 DPS

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List Of Other Offense Movesets Of Feraligatr With Their Damage Percent

1. Water Gun, Hydro Cannon – 113%

2. Waterfall, Hydro Cannon – 112%

3. Ice Fang, Hydro Cannon – 112%

4. Bite, Hydro Cannon – 105%

5. Waterfall, Hydro Pump – 100%

6. Water Gun, Hydro Pump – 95%

7. Ice Fang, Hydro Pump – 93%

8. Waterfall, Ice Beam – 91%

9. Bite, Hydro Pump – 90%

10. Waterfall, Crunch – 86%

11. Water Gun, Ice Beam – 85%

12. Bite, Ice Beam – 81%

13. Ice Fang, Ice Beam – 80%

14. Water Gun, Crunch – 79%

15. Bite, Crunch – 76%

16. Ice Fang, Crunch – 74%

List Of Other Defense Movesets Of Feraligatr With Their Damage Percent

1. Ice Fang, Hydro Cannon – 123% 

2. Waterfall, Hydro Cannon – 106%

3. Ice Fang, Hydro Pump – 100%

4. Waterfall, Hydro Pump – 97%

5. Ice Fang, Ice Beam – 96%

6. Waterfall, Ice Beam – 95%

7. Ice Fang, Crunch – 92%

8. Waterfall, Crunch – 91%

9. Water Gun, Hydro Cannon – 61%

10. Water Gun, Ice Beam – 53%

11. Water Gun, Crunch – 53%

12. Bite, Crunch – 53%

13. Bite, Hydro Cannon – 49%

14. Bite, Ice Beam – 45%

15. Bite, Hydro Pump – 43%

16. Water Gun, Hydro Pump – 43%

As per the damage these moves cause and the damage these moves can take for a Feraligatr, you can choose the right Moveset for your Pokemon so that the battle proceeds in your favor. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you will use the right Movesets for your Feraligatr in Pokemon Go that will get you the most advantage during the battle. Not just this, if you are also planning to battle against a Feraligatr, you have all the necessary information regarding the strengths and vulnerability of this Pokemon so you can prepare yourself against its best moves.

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