6 Best Tower Defense Games On Steam

If you are still spending your time on outdated tower defense games, we like to inform you that the TD genre now includes many new thrilling games you are probably not aware of. So, of course, it becomes our responsibility to get you familiar with those games and build your strong connection with the TD genre.

The gaming industry has seen real success with the best tower defense games. You can participate in many of them anywhere at any time because they are readily available not just for computers or gaming consoles but also for mobiles. They also incorporate unique elements. Frantic gameplay, and the desire to challenge the mind. So, if you are interested in learning more, check out these recommendations for the best tower defense games that are available on Steam.

Here is a list of the best tower defense games on steam.

  • Orcs Must Die
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance
  • Mindustry
  • Sanctum 2
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Defense
  • Bloons TD 6

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Best Tower Defense Games On Steam

If you are looking for something new to try from the TD genre then you must need to check out these games one by one.

Orcs Must Die

Best Tower Defense Games On Steam- Orcs Must Die

A highly recommended tower defense game that gives you a classic fantasy dynamic combat experience is “Orcs Must Die”. In this game, take on the role of a war wizard whose job is to protect the most important strongholds from orcs and other nasty creatures. Use traps of all kinds, spells, and weapons. Utilize the environment’s components to surprise your adversaries. There is no time to waste here; take action and eliminate each of your adversaries one by one.

Key Features of Orcs Must Die

  • 24 Fortress to Defend
  • 6-Orc Killing Weapons & Spells
  • 19 Deadly Traps and Fierce Minions
  • 11 Unique Enemies
  • Story-based Campaign
  • Persistent Upgrades

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Best Tower Defense Games On Steam- Kingdom Rush Vengeance

A very interesting game where you have to battle for the sake of evil in order to win and travel through the realm of magi is “Kingdom Rush Vengeance”. Due to the recent bad luck, the dark forces had been utterly failing on the battlefield. Take charge of his army to guarantee victory. Discover gorgeous places while being swept up in the blazing inferno of battle. Send powerful heroes into battle, hone your talents, and vanquish Titanic bosses. Let evil forces triumph once and for all!

Key Features of Kingdom  Rush Vengeance

  • Change history by siding with the wicked side
  • Send intrepid heroes into combat and train them
  • Discover the fun and vibrant universe
  • Plan where to position military units and defensive constructions


Best Tower Defense Games On Steam- Mindustry

For gamers looking for a strategy video game, Mindustry is the ideal game for you. You will construct a factory in Mindustry and then utilize your tactical acumen to protect it. To get the best production outcomes, set up a production plant and a well-oiled supply network. Producing ammunition and arming defense turrets will guarantee victory. 

Key Features of Mindustry

  • Create a factory to generate income
  • Build defenses to fend off the onslaught
  • Gather resources, and increase output
  • Pick one of four game types and play it your way

Sanctum 2

Best Tower Defense Games On Steam- Sanctum 2

It is a real-time tactical first-person shooter that is interesting for anyone who enjoys magnificent battles on a variety of maps for alien invasions. To fend off extraterrestrial attacks, use your strategic thinking. Select one of four classes, take part in this world’s fascinating history, and hone your skills to reveal even more battle options. Building fortifications and defense towers along the process will guarantee your victory on the battlefield.

Key Features of Sanctum 2

  • Tower Defense
  • First Person Shooter
  • Four playable character classes
  • Vast Customization System
  • In-game Visual Novel
  • Progression System
  • 4-player Co-op

Rock ‘N’ Roll Defense

Best Tower Defense Games On Steam- Rock N Roll Defense

Rock N Roll Defense offers straightforward regulations, putting them into practice could prove to be a little more difficult. Protecting the rock performance from trespassers is your responsibility. Place more powerful speakers on the map to accomplish this objective, then use your music’s power to vanquish every foe.

Key Features of Rock N Roll Defense

  • Protect a rock concert against bosses and strong opponents
  • Earn money to purchase ever-better equipment
  • Choose the Speakers location and create a running battle plan
  • Take a ride on the timeless force of rock n roll

Bloons TD 6

Best Tower Defense Games- Blooms TD 6

In Bloons TD 6, leading the monkey gang group is your responsibility. You can play this game with up to 100 players on a multiplayer player. It also offers a single-player mode. It is a strategy game and has fast-paced gameplay on mobiles, so it is definitely sure that you end up loving this game. Play dozens of different maps and utilize your characters’ special abilities. Use a variety of assaults and defenses, and employ all available fighting strategies. 

Key Features of Bloons TD 6

  • One of the top tower defense game
  • Manage a monkey army and fight off attacks from the bloons
  • Choose where to place your forces on a variety of maps and build towers
  • Play by yourself or with others

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All these games are one of the best tower defense games that are easily accessible on Steam and you can purchase them from steam. These games are suitable for all types of players (Beginner, Intermediate, or even Pro). 

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