Best BAR Loadout | Call of Duty: Warzone

The deadly long-range beamer, ICONIC BAR is basically an American light machine gun. BAR stands for Browning Automatic Rifle. It can be found in every Call of Duty series. 

Whether it’s about a stable range of fire or high damage range, there’s everything in this weapon that makes it completely different from other weapons.

It gained popularity in Vanguard after a long time but in Warzone, it became a must-use gun for every player.

With standard BAR, you may find some shortcomings in it. But once you choose the best BAR warzone loadout, you will definitely make a change. 

This is the reason we are here to tell you about the right BAR attachment combinations. Compared to the rival ARs, this loadout contains many unique attachments.

2022 Warzone BAR Loadout

Before proceeding further, it is recommended to use SMGs for secondary weapons. For Vanguard Royale, you can use M1928. 

BAR WarZone LoadOut

MuzzleMX silencer
BarrelCGC 27 “2B
OpticsG16 2.5X
Stock Cooper SP
UnderbarrelM1930 Strife Angle
Magazine.50 BMG30 Round Mug
Rear GripLeather grip

Apart from sniper rifles, MX silencer is also available for BAR. It may result in aim-down reduction, but it will give a superior sound suppression to your gun along with an increase in accuracy.

The CGC 27″ 2B was featured for Vanguard and Warzone as well. Although people use CGC 30″ XL as a barrel, it is still recommended for players to use CGC 27″ 2B for a stable spray. Along with this, a G16 2.5x will give you a controlled boost. It is still a favourite optics for many streamers.

About this BAR Loadout

It’s a player’s choice to use any attachments he wants. But the loadout mentioned here definitely stands out from any other custom setup. This loadout will help in improving accuracy even while running the ADS( aim down sight).

Apart from all these, Semtex and Stun Grenades can be used with this setup. For Vanguard, go with flag grenades.

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