Games Like Red Door Yellow Door That Will Give You The Best Horror Experience

Have you ever played Red Door Yellow Door? Or you can also call it as Door of Mind. It is a scary game that basically guided you to the deepest part of your brain. As you would have already played that one, you might want to play more games like Red Door Yellow Door.

If you are a great fan of Red Door Yellow Door,  then you guys definitely know that this is a two-player game. The best thing about this game is that you only need one friend to play with you, you don’t need a group of friends to play this.

Although there are some people who say that they do not like horror games, the fact is undeniable that such games can’t be ignored even if they fall under the horror genre. Even those people who don’t like scary games too must have played scary games at least once in their life.

If you are also one of those people who wants to know about the two-people scary games like Red Door and Yellow Door. Then, we came brought a list of the best scary games like Red Door Yellow Door. Do you want to know the best games like Red Door Yellow Door that you’ve played with one of your best friends? Then continue with this article.

List of games like Red Door Yellow Door

  • Cat Scratch
  • Dead Man Dead Man Take Me To Your Grave
  • Sara Sarita
  • The Binoculars Game
  • Red Door Yellow Door

Games Like Red Door Yellow Door That Will Give You The Best Horror Experience

Cat Scratch

In this game, your friend should lie on their back with their head in your lap while you both sit down on the floor to play. As you massage their temple, tell them a spooky cat story. Declare “cat scratch” three times to close the story.

Immediately upon standing up, your companion should check their back for red claw marks by lifting up their shirt.

Dead Man Dead Man Take Me To Your Grave

In this game, one person shut their eyes and the other says,” Count to 10 in your brain and then nod” After that, the speaker will alternately move their arms 10 times above and below one another.

You will go from 10 times to five, then seven, and finally three as you continue this procedure. When you are done, repeat “dead man, dead man, carry me to your grave” until the other person’s arms begin to rise on their own, then snap your fingers three times.

Sara Sarita

It’s simple to play Sara Sarita, and if you succeed, you’ll get to know two young girls who are rumored to have been killed in Mexico.

You only need a friend and two coins with the same value to play. Sit on the ground, facing each other, with a coin in each hand. Ask Sara Sarita whether you can join in your game in unison. Toss the coin so they drop on the ground behind you by throwing them over your head.

You enter the game if both coins land on your head. Ask questions and flip coins to obtain responses; heads indicate a yes answer, tails indicated a no response, and one of each indicates a possible answer.

In order to quit the game, you ask,” Sara Sarita, Can I leave your game”? And you have to carry on playing until both of you get a “yes”.

The Binoculars Game

You will need paper, a pen, at least 17 feet of rope, scissors, a timer, and a pair of binoculars for the game. You will also need one flashlight for each window in your home. 

Start at dusk. Place lighted sunlight on each windowsill and lock all doors and windows. Place a chair on another large, sturdy item next to a door, and fasten one end of the rope to it. Place your companion close to the anchor, but far enough away so that they cannot touch the door. Wrap the rope’s opposite end around them. For the remainder of the game, they must keep quiet.

Write the following on the paper, “We Welcome You, You shall not be harmed.” Come near your friend, tuck the paper beneath the door. All the lights in the home should be turned off except flashlights. Place an ear next to your friend’s door and listen carefully.

Game over if you don’t hear anything. Untie your friend, turn on the lights, and burn the letter you slipped outside. It would probably be better if you went outside! 

If you hear someone knocking, go around the house looking out each window while carrying your binoculars and scissors. As you approach each window, extinguish its flashlight and use your binoculars to scan the outside until you spot a person in the distance. That is the scariest part of this game!!

When you see it, shout, “ Forgive me, I’m mistaken.” Immediately after closing your eyes, open them again to gaze outdoors. The game is over if he is gone.

Red Door Yellow Door

This game resembles a guided meditation via your brain’s innermost regions. You picture a lengthy corridor with several doors in your mind, and you decide which ones to open.

First, make yourself comfortable by lying face up on the ground. To help you settle into meditation, ask your companion to gently stroke your temples in a circular manner. 

Your companion should then direct you down the hallway by describing a lengthy hallway lined with doors and instructing you to start investigating. Tell your friend just what you see as it occurs while you investigate in your head.

I am aware that I am thinking some very repugnant things, but I would like not to share any of them.


We compiled a list of Games Like Red Door Yellow Door that are as scary and interesting. If you love to play the game, Red Door Yellow Door, then all these games are also a must-try that you should definitely never avoid. If you are getting trouble selecting a game, then read the gameplay of each, and then according to your interest select and play the game. These games definitely give you horror and unforgetful experience.   

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