FIFA 23 How To Turn Off Crossplay

The most wonderful Football game series provides you with the enthusiasm and excitement of those present on the field. FIFA 23 is a part of this amazing football simulation video game series which lets you feel the chase of passion. FIFA 23 made an extraordinary development in the game with the introduction of cross-play, making it even better. 

Crossplay allows a more competitive environment during the matches and makes them more fun. You don’t need to do any task to turn on the crossplay mode as it is already on by default. This helps in faster matchmaking. However, you do need to follow some steps to turn off crossplay in the game. 

You must start by entering the Main Menu> Customise> Online Settings> Matchmaking Options> Turn off crossplay. Read the below passage for more details on turning off the crossplay in FIFA 23. 

FIFA 23 How To Turn Off Crossplay

  1. Start with the most obvious step to load your FIFA 23 game
  2. From the game’s main Menu, choose the Customise option from the rest available. 
  3. Now select Online Settings among the other options provided. 
  4. Then, go for the Matchmaking Options
  5. You will now see two options. Choose to Turn Off Crossplay and this would disable crossplay settings.

 If you want to turn on the crossplay settings again, then follow the similar steps from Main Menu to Matchmaking Options and then choose to Turn On Crossplay

FIFA 23 How To Turn Off Crossplay- FAQs

Can Next-Gen play with Current Gen FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 with its special Crossplay mode is a great benefit for the players. It allows the players to compete against each other and the platform doesn’t matter. Yes, FIFA 23 crossplay supports the Current Gen players to play with the Next Gen players.

Is FIFA 23 cross-platform on Nintendo Switch? 

This might come as a disappointment for all game lovers as Nintendo Switch does not allow or support cross-play FIFA 23. The players also can’t use crossplay in co-op modes. 

How to add someone as a friend on PlayStation and Xbox FIFA 22?

If your friend plays FIFA 22 and you have already added him on your console then they would surely appear in the list to invite to play. However, if it doesn’t happen, you can follow the steps given below to add someone as a friend on PlayStation and Xbox FIFA 22.

On PlayStation 4 and 5

  1. Open up your PlayStation and click on the Friends option.
  2. Search the Online ID of your friend or type in the name of your friend on the search option.
  3. Select the + Sign there and send the request.  

On Xbox 

  1. Go to the Menu on your Xbox and open the People Tab
  2. You can see your friends there and the option will also show their current status as Online if they are. 
  3. Scroll down from there and choose the option Find Someone
  4. You can type your friend’s username there or search for their Gamertag
  5. When you find your friend, Select your friend’s Gamertag
  6. Select and click on Add Friend and you are done. 

How to add someone as a friend on PC FIFA 22?

  1. On your PC, open Origin and then you must Sign In.
  2. Go to Menu and click on Add a Friend
  3. There, you can search for your friend through their gaming ID, email, or their name
  4. Look for their profile and then Send Friend Request

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned information and steps are for the players who wanted to know how to turn on or turn off crossplay. We have also informed on how the players can add their friends to play their favorite game. Go through the steps carefully and have fun playing FIFA 23 with your friends.

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