New Escape Academy Crossplay Update 2022

Is Escape Academy crossplay possible? Escape Academy a new puzzle game challenges players to solve various escape rooms. You can play together or with a friend to take on multiple challenges. But, read on to find out if Escape Academy crossplay is possible and how it works.

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Crossplay support is available for Escape Academy on all platforms. You and your friend can play the game together, regardless of where they purchased it. S, and PC. The game may also be available on other platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch. In this case, crossplay support will likely be extended.

Crossplay with Escape Academy is enabled by default. You don’t have to go through any settings to get it running. It is easy to play with your friends on other platforms. Click the Play option in the top menu to open your play options. Choose Local Multiplayer or Online and choose whether you want to host a game, or join a friend with a code.

Hosting the game will provide you with a code you can send to friends. They can then enter it to join your fun. If you’re joining a friend, they need to obtain the code from them. After selecting the ‘Join with Friend Code’ option, enter it.


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