Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games 2022

It is undeniable that there is no fun in games unless you do not require to use a bit of your brain. Hence, we suggest you the best Nintendo Switch puzzle games that will unleash your problem-solving skills as to how good of a strategy you can make.

In the past years, a number of puzzle games have been developed and people really love to play such games as these games do not merely include racing or fighting the opponent but rather going through certain levels that challenge your mind. A good range of such games is also available for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Best Puzzle Games are: 

1. Snipperclips Plus – Cut It Out, Together!

2. Unpacking

3. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain



6. Cozy Grove

7. Baba Is You


Now we shall discuss each of these well-known best Nintendo Switch puzzle adventure games so you can choose which game you would like to play.

Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games

Here are brief descriptions of the best Nintendo Switch brain games that you would dare not miss out on.

1. Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together!

Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games - Snipperclips Plus, Cut It Out, Together

Snipperclips Plus is a fun puzzle game. This is a co-op game in which you and your partner have to cut each other into suitable shapes so that you are able to get through the tricky obstacles that come forth. You will need to use all your brains to find out which shape will be perfect to solve the puzzles. 

This game is available on Amazon at the price of $39.78. 

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2. Unpacking

Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games - Unpacking

Unpacking is a puzzle game that gives you the experience of arranging your new house by pulling all your possessions out of the boxing and fitting them in the right place. This will include block-fitting puzzles as well as home decorations. You will have to unpack all the items of the entire new house from stacking plates and hanging towels to arranging your bookshelves. 

Purchase the game from Amazon at just $19.99. 

3. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games - Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain

This is a multiplayer puzzle game available for Nintendo Switch where up to four players can battle against each other by taking part in some puzzle-solving activities. You can also alter the difficulty level for each player which makes this game compatible with players of any age group. 

You can also play the game in solo mode by taking part in five fun puzzle activities or individual activities. Compare your scores with your friends and see who is at best in performing such mind-bending activities. 

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Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games - LIMBO

LIMBO is a spooky puzzle game where a boy enters the limbo and has to save his sister by solving several puzzles to escape the monsters and other horrors. This monochromic style game is the best choice who want to experience Halloween. If you do not like those bright art styles in games, then you should go for this. 


Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games - INSIDE

INSIDE is one of the best 3D puzzle games Switch offers, which has a great narrative and the art style of this game is also similar to LIMBO. Here is a boy who is alone and is drawn into a dark project where he uncovers the unsettling experiment. 

The atmosphere of the game is chilling which gives you a feeling of thrill, especially because of the suspenseful music that plays throughout the game. This is undoubtedly one of the Best Nintendo Switch Mystery Games. 

6. Cozy Grove

Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games - Cozy Grove

The setting of this game is on a mysterious haunted island filled with dangers and horror while you are the spirit scout who has to help the inhabitants through their afterlives. In the game, you have to build a camp and make friends while also exploring the forest daily and finding new crafting items. Explore the new areas of the island and complete the quests. 

It is your duty to bring the color and liveliness back to this Cozy Grovel by helping the spirits related to you. 

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7. Baba Is You

Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games - Baba Is You

This is yet another puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch where you will see various objects, characters as well as movable word tiles on the screen. You will be given the control over some characters or objects and you will need to use conditional statements like if-then-else for solving these puzzles. 

This is one of the best logic puzzles Nintendo Switch has. You will need to use your logical reasoning at its best to shuffle the words across the screen in the right way to solve the puzzle. 


Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games - GRIS

GRIS is an open world game for Nintendo Switch, which is free from any language barriers. The game involves a girl who has to travel across a pastel landscape filled with melancholy. She has gone through a painful experience and is trying to deal with the sorrow. 

To gain new abilities and reach new heights, she will need to solve several puzzles. The game connects to your emotions and you will surely like to play it. 

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Wrap Up

These were the 8 best puzzle games that you will ever find for your Nintendo Switch console. Try them out and strengthen your mental ability at the same time having fun by solving these interesting puzzles.

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