How To Get Berries In Pokemon Go?

Trying hard to catch a Pokemon but still can’t? Or, are you short of candies in Pokemon Go? All these troubles can be resolved by just one item, BERRIES. So, let us see how to get berries in Pokemon Go because that is something worth your effort. 

To get berries in Pokemon Go, you can spin the Photo Discs at the PokeStops and Gyms. You may also receive berries whenever you level up in the game. If you want to get special berries, you will need to take part in special research tasks or win certain mega and legendary raid battles in the game. 

There are a lot of items in Pokemon Go that help you advance further in the game, one of them is the berries that are of varying types. Berries increase your chances of catching the Pokemon and also help you get much more candies than usual, this is why it is important for you to know how you can get the most from them. 

If you also want to make your gameplay in Pokemon Go easy, then today you will learn all the methods of obtaining different kinds of berries in this game. 

What Are The Different Types Of Berries In Pokemon Go?

At present, there are only five types of Berries that you will find in the game Pokemon Go, here is the list of all those types:

1. Razz Berry

2. Pinap Berry

3. Nanab Berry

4. Golden Razz Berry

5. Silver Pinap Berry

What Do Berries Do In Pokemon Go?

Berries are one of the very important items available in Pokemon Go. There are several types of berries in the game, and each of them does a great job for the players to make their gameplay easier by using them. 

For instance, some berries help increase the motivation and CP of your Pokemon, while some berries get you Stardust when you feed them to your Pokemon. Moreover, berries are also used in powering up your Pokemon. 

Some berries are helpful in calming the Pokemon down during the encounter or increasing your rates of catching the Pokemon when you face them in the encounter after the battle. 

After realizing that berries can be so useful for you in Pokemon Go, we know that you definitely would like to know all the ways in which you can obtain them. 

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How To Get Berries In Pokemon Go?

It is time to get a brief description of the different types of berries in Pokemon Go and how you can get each of them. 

1. Razz Berries

These berries are fed to a Pokemon to increase the chances of capturing a Pokemon during the encounter by 1.5 times. You get eligible to obtain this kind of Berry only after you have reached Trainer Level 8 in the game. 

To get Razz Berries, you need to spin the Photo Disc available at the Gyms and the PokeStops which you find around you. Alternatively, you also receive berries in the form of rewards whenever you level up in the game. 

2. Pinap Berries

When you feed Pinap Berry to a Pokemon while you are capturing it in the encounter, all the candies that you will receive in your next consecutive capture will be simply doubled. So, you will get double the amount of candies that you get usually when you catch a Pokemon. 

You can get Pinap Berries in Pokemon Go only after you have reached the 18th Trainer Level in the game. These berries can also be obtained by spinning the Photo Discs that you find at PokeStops and Gyms as well as in the form of rewards as a result of leveling up in Pokemon Go. 

3. Nanab Berries

If you want to make it easier to capture the Pokemon in your next attempt, then the best way to do this is by feeding a Nanab Berry to the Pokemon in your current encounter. You can get Nanab Berries only after you reach Level 4 in the game. 

To obtain Nanab Berries, again, you need to spin Photo Disc at the Gyms and PokeStops, plus, by leveling up in the game. 

4. Golden Razz Berries

While regular Razz Berries increase your chance of catching a Pokemon by 1.5 times, a Golden Razz Berry does it at the rate of 2.5 times. You can also give these berries to the Pokemon that you have left at the Gym to fill up its motivation meter completely. 

If you want to get this special Berry in the game, you can have them as rewards by winning the raid battles or by completing some special research tasks. 

5. Silver Pinap Berries

If you want double the benefit from a Pokemon, then Silver Pinap Berries are going to be of great use. These berries increase the chances of catching the berry by 1.8 times and also increase the number of candies obtained on catching it by 2.333 times. 

If you want to obtain these candies, you will need to win in the Mega Raid Battles, through Research Tasks, and by taking part in the GO Battle League. 

Wrap Up

That was how you can get different types of berries in Pokemon Go. We are sure that now you will be able to collect a really good amount of all these kinds of berries easily, still, if there is any issue with obtaining them, you can share them with us in the comments.

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