Where To find Azumarill In Pokemon Go – 3 Proven Ways To Get Azumarill

Are you looking for a Pokemon that fits well both in the category of Fairy type and Water Type in Pokemon go? Then there is the best choice – Azumarill. Although catching this Pokemon is not that tough of a task, still, you will at least need a proper guide on where to find Azumarill in Pokemon Go to save much time of yours.

You can find Azumarill in Pokemon Go in the encounter that will be rewarded to you as a result of finishing some specific field research tasks allotted during the Spring Celebration. Moreover, you can also look for the 3 Star Raids taking place around you to take part in them and complete an Azumarill raid. Keep reading if you want to know in detail how you can catch Azumarill easily. 

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular and widespread augmented reality and location-based video games you will ever find. Everyone who has played this game ever is addicted to it and knows how good it feels to play a game that links your geographical location with it making it look like a real-life experience. 

If you have got a good range of different kinds of Pokemon as a trainer and have now laid your eyes on Azumarill, then this article will help you as a full-fledged guide on how to get it. 

Where To Find Azumarill In Pokemon Go?

Azumarill, the evolved version of Azurill, can be obtained already in its evolved state if you are dedicated enough to get this Pokemon. 

If you are planning for searching the Azumarill Pokemon in the wild, then let us save you time by informing you that it is going to be of no use. You are not going to find an Azumarill in the wild because they don’t spawn there even if you are using incense to get one. So, it is better not to waste your time searching for it like that. 

There are three possible ways in which you can find the Azumarill Pokemon in the game and we will discuss both of them for you so that you can try them out to see where your luck works better. 

1. Complete The Event-Specific Research Tasks

If you want to find Azumarill, the best way for this is to complete the event-specific research task. But which task is it that will get you this Pokemon? Well, what you have to use is continue to use as many PokeStops as you find unless you get the “Catch 15 Exeggcute” Research task in the game. 

This one is a frequently reported wild spawn in Pokemon Go during the event, so, if you get this task and also seek the help of incense to save time, you might be lucky enough to get Azumarill as your prize. Remember that the Research updates every day and you will need to be patient for the research to improve. 

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2. Participate In 3 Star Raids

Another way of getting the Azumarill Pokemon in Pokemon Go is by taking part in an Azumarill raid that comes in the category of the 3 Star Raids. 

All you have to do is check out all the gyms in your surroundings until you find an Azumarill raid. You have to take part in this raid and finish it and Azumarill will be yours. 

Although this one is the quicker method of obtaining the Azumarill Pokemon for yourself, there are also some conditions. 

Remember that you will need to be possessing a Remote Raid Pass in the game, or else you won’t be permitted to take part in the 3-Star Raids that will reward you with Azumarill. 

Also, you should be aware that the CP of Azumarill is 9847 which means that a solo but powerful Grass Type counter will be good enough to beat it. So, you should be prepared accordingly for the raid beforehand. 

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3. Evolve Azurill 

There is another method, not that easy, but always available as a possible alternative method where you will need to first get the Azurill Pokemon and then evolve it into Azumarill. To achieve this, you will need to attain a really high level of the friendship of at least 18 by keeping the Pokemon as your buddy. If you have enough patience for this, you can always opt for this way to get Azumarill. 

Plus, if you do not already have an Azurill of your own, you will be able to find this baby Fairy Type Pokemon in the 5 km and the 7 km eggs only. 

Wrap Up

This was all you needed to know about where to find Azumarill in Pokemon Go and these were the only three possible ways in which you can get your own Azumarill. You can tell us in the comments which are the next Pokemon that you are going to look for after getting this one so that we can make that task easier for you just as we did for this one.

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