Is Roller Champions Split Screen? | How to Use Roller Champions Crossplay

Is Roller Champions Split Screen

A question is breaking out on the internet whether Roller Champions Split Screen in 2022 or not?

Answer: Roller Champions is not Split Screen but you can find how to crossplay the game between multiple devices.

You can play with your friends using Roller Champions crossplay.

You are probably looking for information on crossplay Roller Champions. Cross-platform play means that there are more skaters to matchmake with. However, it is always fun to have friends who can also play Roller Champions with you. We have all the details on the Roller Champions crossplay system.

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Is Roller Champions Split Screen

How to make Roller Champions Crossplay

It’s confusing that although crossplay with Roller Champions is supported, it’s not enabled by default. You’ll need it turned on before you can use the feature. This is how to do it on most platforms:


  • Load the game
  • Follow the prompts in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Choose Settings
  • Go to the Gameplay tab
  • In the General section, toggle Enable Crossplay on to On

There’s a way to allow Roller Champions crossplay if you play on Xbox Series X or Xbox One.

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  • Open Settings on the Xbox Home Screen
  • Move to Online safety and family under the General section
  • Select Privacy & Online Safety, then Xbox privacy
  • Select View details and customize, then Communication or multiplayer
  • Switch to Allow under the section “You can join the cross-network play.”

Once you enable Roller Champions crossplay in your system, you will be able to matchmake with other players across all platforms. This will increase the number of potential teammates and opponents.

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You can play with your friends using Roller Champions crossplay.

At the time of writing, Roller Champions crossplay is not available for play with friends. You can only invite players on the same platform you are on. You can do this by highlighting one of the Invite prompts next to your player on your Home screen. Next, choose your friend(s), and then invite them to your team. In the standard game mode, you can only have two friends, but with limited-time events or other modes, you might have more players.

This video (opens in a new tab ) explains that there is an alternative to using Roller Champions crossplay to play alongside friends. However, it seems more dependent on luck than anything else. You can both highlight the Skatepark on the Play screen and then get ready to go. This will allow you to continue playing as a team. However, you might need to do this many times until you achieve the desired result.

Although it is possible that Ubisoft Connect will be added to the game in a future update, players can still use Roller Champions crossplay to connect with their friends.

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