Pokemon Go How To Play With Buddy – 3 Steps To Make The Best Buddy

You must have heard that evolving a Pokemon requires making them your buddy and then increasing your friendship level with them. Doing so also requires playing with your Buddy Pokemon. If you are still not aware of how to play with Buddy in Pokemon Go, then this article will help you a lot with that.

To play with a buddy in Pokemon Go, you have to create the AR version of your buddy to display them in any open space in your surroundings. Then, you just have to simply rub your finger on the screen to play with it. As you play with your buddy in the right manner, you will receive reactions from its side and also be rewarded with Affection hearts.

The Buddy Adventure option in Pokemon Go allows the players to choose a Pokemon from their list and make it their buddy after which they gradually build a strong bond with them. This also provides the trainers with certain perks and benefits within the game.

If you also want to know about how you can possibly play with your buddy in Pokemon Go, then you will get all your answers here.

In Pokemon Go How To Play With Buddy?

Before you play with a buddy, you will first have to choose which Pokemon you need to be with as your buddy. Don’t worry, we are going to cover all the points right here, so, let’s start without wasting more time. 

Selecting A Buddy In Pokemon Go

First of all, you need to select a buddy for yourself from the list of Pokemon that you already own. In case you mistakenly choose the wrong one, there is no need to worry because you can change your buddy for another 19 times within a period of 24 hours.  

For selecting a buddy, you have to first go to the Buddy menu in the game and choose a Pokemon you want to have as your buddy. 

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Feeding A Buddy In Pokemon Go

Once you have got a Pokemon as your buddy, you can interact as well as play with them in the game. There are several things that you will be in charge of taking care of your buddy Pokemon, the first thing is feeding them. 

As you feed them with all they need, you will find your buddy on the map joining you. 

Here are the steps required to feed your buddy in Pokemon Go:

1. At the bottom of your screen will be your buddy’s portrait next to yours, click on it. 

2. Now, click on the Berry icon present at the top of your screen. 

3. After this, choose any open location around and make the AR version of your Buddy. 

4. Then, select the treat for your buddy and throw it towards your buddy’s mouth just like you throw a Pokeball towards a Pokemon. 

The hunger level of your buddy will be displayed at the top of the screen, so you can keep monitoring it until it gets full. 

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Playing With A Buddy In Pokemon Go

Now, you can also play with your Buddy Pokemon for which you need to again click on the portrait of your buddy and then tap on the “Play” button. Then all you need to do is choose an open space in your surroundings and release the AR version of your buddy. 

Then, you just need to rub your device’s screen and you will be playing with them. As you do it the right way, you will also receive some kind of reaction from your Buddy, and you will also see a red heart displayed in the Play Together option in the buddy menu, which ensures that you are playing properly with the Pokemon. 

As you keep playing with your buddy alongside exploring the map with it, you will be able to raise the level of their mood, as a result of this, you two will become Best Buddies. 

The mood of your buddy will greatly depend upon your frequency of feeding as well as your interaction with it. If your buddy’s mood reaches the “Excited” level, which is the highest one, you will receive more affection hearts for the day, plus, the walking distance required to earn a candy will also be reduced. 

In this manner, you can raise your friendship levels gradually from Good Buddy to Great Buddy, Ultra Buddy, and ultimately to Best Buddy. 

Wrap Up

That was all about playing with your buddy in Pokemon Go. You may also check out the  Buddy Menu in the game to see what you can do to increase your friendship level faster. If you are regularly walling, interacting, feeding, and playing with your buddy, it won’t take much time before you two become the best buddies. 

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