8 Best PS4 Games Like Pokemon

Has Pokemon been your favorite since childhood? Then you might be disappointed to find that there are no Pokemon games available for PS4. But, the good news is that, there are some best PS4 games like Pokemon developed for you.

There is a great range of genres of games available for PS4 but the bad thing is that Pokemon games are still not supported for this gaming console. However, a lot of gaming companies have developed some games which will not let you miss your favorite Pokemon. 

The best PS4 games like Pokemon include: 

1. Persona 5

2. World Of Final Fantasy

3. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

4. Siralim 2

5. Nexomon: Extinction

6. Monster Sanctuary

7. Monster Crown

8. Temtem

Now you would want to know in what terms the games we mentioned are similar to the Pokemon games. Thus, we have explained all these games right below you to give you a better idea.

Best PS4 Games Like Pokemon

1. Persona 5

PS4 Games Like Pokemon - Persona 5

Persona 5, developed by Atlus, is a Pokemon-like role-playing video game available for PS4. this one is sort of an adult version of Pokemon with a more mature story based on Pokemon. The game takes place in modern-day Tokyo where a band of thieves is exploring a supernatural realm. 

In the game, you will get to play the character of a high school student, Joker, and have to collect Personas in place of Pokemon. Every persona in the game has different strengths and weaknesses, and thus, it is necessary to make the right choice while picking the persona. 

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2. World Of Final Fantasy

PS4 Games Like Pokemon - World Of Final Fantasy

This interesting Pokemon-based role-playing video game is quite an interesting installment where you can befriend and then capture the monsters. You can obtain these monsters called Mirages throughout the game. Every monster has a unique look and ability, and once you weaken them, you can add them to your team. 

3. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

PS4 Games Like Pokemon - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

In this third-person perspective video game for PS4, you can play as a human character who can command the Digimon, which are the digital creatures with unique abilities who battle against the opposite team’s Digimon, just like the Pokemon. 

You can play the role of Takumi Aiba, who has the ability to control Digimon, along with this, you can choose from three main partners, namely, Palmon, Hagurumon, and Terriermon.

4.  Siralim 2

PS4 Games Like Pokemon -  Siralim 2

Siralim 2 is an RPG game in which you can tame monsters, just like Pokemon. In the game, you are allowed to summon as well as customize a wide range of creatures that will fight for you throughout your way out of the dungeons. 

You can also find the rare treasure to use for upgrading your castle. You can make your creatures more powerful as well as craft some empowering artifacts. You can learn new spells that will help you to great extent in the game. 

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5. Nexomon: Extinction

PS4 Games Like Pokemon - Nexomon: Extinction

This is also one of the new games like Pokemon for PS4 where you get to catch monsters from a variety of over 300, which you will first need to trap, then tame, after which you will let them evolve. 

The game has taken up the best elements from Pokemon so you will find it far better than even an original Pokemon game for PS4.

6. Monster Sanctuary

PS4 Games Like Pokemon - Monster Sanctuary

Here is one more among the games like Pokemon on PS4 in which you will require to capture the monsters and tame them to work for you, as such, these monsters will start assisting you throughout your journey in the game. The game has a 2D side-scrolling platform where you can explore a huge interconnecting world. 

The battles in the game are quite tough, which means that your monsters will require to get rigorous training, which depends entirely upon how well you train them. 

7. Monster Crown

PS4 Games Like Pokemon - Monster Crown

With this game, you enter a dark world in which monsters are the rulers, and you have made a pact with them that you will help them defeat an evil woman who is looking forward to seeking power. 

You will have to hunt, battle, then tame, and even breed the monsters and create your legacy. In this Crown Island, you are in charge of restoring the balance to the land along with the monsters on your side. 

8. Temtem

PS4 Games Like Pokemon - Temtem

Temtem is a role-playing game with an online multiplayer mode for PS4, and the gameplay is just similar to Pokemon. In this game too, you have to collect the creatures. 

You will have six different floating islands to explore in the game while playing the role of a Temtem tamer and face your evil enemy, Clan Belsoto,  who will keep bringing trouble to you. 

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Wrap Up

These are all the most important games like Pokemon for PS4 that you can try if you really want to play the games that have a storyline like your favorite monster-taming game. 

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