Is Ryse Split Screen?

Ryse: Son of Rome, a third-person action-adventure hack-and-slash video game developed by Crytek published by Microsoft Studios. Ryse is set in an alternate version of Ancient Rome and follows Marius Titus’s journey to become a leader in the Roman Legion.

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Ryse Split Screen

Ryse does not have any split screen option. A gladiatorial cooperative mode is available in the Colosseum. Two player online co-op mode uses the same combat system as the core game, but is split between two players. You will be plunged into the brutal world of gladiatorial fighting when participating in the cooperative multiplayer game “Ryse: Son of Rome”. There are 12 levels in the Colosseum that you must complete with different objectives. You can earn experience and gold and buy booster packs to customize your gladiator until you reach level 100.

Is Ryse: Son of Rome getting another sequel?

According to Nick Baker, a noted insider and co-founder of XboxEra, it is most likely. Baker stated that Ryse 2 is a direct sequel of Ryse: Son of Rome on a recent episode of The Xbox Era podcast.

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Is Ryse: The Son of Rome available on PS4

Crytek has no plans for Ryse to be released on the PS4 at this time, but here are some reasons why it will happen. Gamers have been wondering for the past few months why Crytek chose to port Ryse: Son of Rome onto the PC instead of the PS4 — the leading console race.

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