Best Birthday Party Games For 13 Year Olds

Blow off candles, make a wish, Buntings, confetti, and an appetizing dish! Natal days seem to be incomplete without Birthday party games for 13 year olds which are thrilling, tickle them to unveil the mysteries and accomplish a sense of achievement.

Teenage is the most important developmental milestone in one’s life with tremendous growth and personality shaping. What better day could be than the birth anniversary of a child to stow memories filled with laughter, euphoria, and fun. 

Birthday party games for 13 year olds can be indoor as well as outdoor. The indoor birthday party games for teens can include various board games or certain tech games that will suit best for everybody’s participation and enjoyment. However, kids also love to go out in their leisure time, so, what would be better than planning a short trip for the anniversary and having some non-tech games!

In this article, we shall discuss both the best Indoor as well as outdoor Birthday party games for 13 year olds. So, keep reading so you can plan the best birthday bash for your kid. 

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Indoor Birthday Party Games For 13 Year Olds


After Bon appetite and a lot of dancing, kids can be seated in arrangements of circle or square and a cushion is passed along the beats of any song. One person monitoring the DJ system will arbitrarily stop the music and the person holding the cushion at that time will have to choose a dare for himself present in a glass bowl randomly.


Similar to the game stated above the only difference in passing the ballon is that in this game once the sequence is decided children must then press the ballon under their chins and then pass across the arrangement using their necks.

In order to level up, kids can also be asked to speed up by making two groups and surprising them with gifts at the end.

3.  BINGO :

One of the classic old games played by students in class but in such a large group it’s a galvanic experience. Pre-made bingo sets are readily available in the market to chuck time delays. To make it on your own each tween much be given a card with a number selection on it. Numbers are to be called out and everyone has to cross that number. One who crosses all the rows wins a hamper!

You can add various elements like anime, and animals also.

4.    SIMON SAYS :

A game that has no hard and fast rules. One child is selected and made Leader named Simon, in order to add extra perks name the leader as birthday tween”s name and ask the leader to call out actions. Like: Simon says to dance, Simon says to roll. once the action is called out without taking the name, anyone who copies the action is thus out.


Hyperactive kids demand nothing but some overactive activities and this is the best game to channel their high energies into healthy competition. some chairs are placed in a circular manner with a count less than the total number of players. For example: if 8 lads are playing 7 chairs must be kept. As soon as music is played children start revolving around the chairs and once the music is paused tweens have to find a chair and be seated, the one who fails to hold one is out. successive decrease in the number of chairs must be after every round.


This game will turn out to be the best birthday party game for 13 year olds substantially echoing the room with their chirpy laughter and giggles. Three colors red, blue, and green here refer to the speed at which an action is to be done which is fast, normal, and slow respectively. The leader or the birthday champ calls out actions with color and the one doing actions at the wrong speed is eliminated.

Outdoor Birthday Party Games For 13 Year Olds


As the name suggests it is a retro-style game in which the kids are sectioned in two or three teams and a marked territory is given to the teams in which they tend to put their team flags out of sight. the cache is to find the other team’s flag but once caught in the territory of the opponent the player is imprisoned. the one who at first quests the flag wins.


Not only enjoyed in school playgrounds, but this can also be an exciting birthday party game as well where an egg or lemon is placed in a spoon which is to be held by the participant in his or her mouth and travel to the winning line without dropping. 


Similar to a treasure hunt in which kids have to find various gifts after solving mysteries, a manhunt is played in the dark where the teams have to find the named individual and the team who quickly finds the man wins.


Famous game in which children are provided with water guns and sheets divided into two teams. opponents have to destroy the sheets of each other . one who manages to save the maximum number of sheets without damage wins.

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Be prepared for after cleaning and ask kids to bring another pair of clothes too.


All is well that ends well. These rewarding games are an exquisite way of offering return gifts to every child who made your kids’ birthday very memorable.

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