How To Use A Sun Stone In Pokemon Go?

You must have heard of several kinds of stones like Sinnoh, Sun, or the King’s stone in Pokemon Go, right? Do you know their significance in the game or not? If not, today we are going to let you know about one of them – the Sun Stone and also how to use a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go, so are you ready to unleash this mystery?

You might already be aware that you can evolve your Pokemon into their higher forms in Pokemon Go, right? And, thus, you must also be aware that there are specific requirements for these evolutions. While some of the Pokemon can be evolved by simply collecting candies in the game, the others require some special, exclusive items, one of them being the Sun Stone. 

To use a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go, you must have either of the Pokemon  Gloom, Cottonee, Helioptile, Sunkern, or Petilil. These are the only species that require a Sun Stone for their evolution. So, once you have one of these Pokemon and a Sun Stone plus 50 candies related to the Pokemon, you can evolve the Pokemon into its improvised form. 

If you want to know the usage of Sun Stone in Pokemon Go in detail then keep reading this article and find out the answers to your curiosity. 

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How To Get A Sun Stone In Pokemon Go?

The chances of obtaining items like a Sun Stone are very low in Pokemon Go, you can say that they have only 1% probably, so, you are really lucky if you get one. 

The most reliable way where you can expect a Sun Stone is by spinning the Photo Discs at the Gyms and PokeStops. Alternatively, you might also receive this rare item as a result of the completion of some specific field research tasks in the game. 

All you can do is try your luck if you really need this item, it would be great to spin as many Photo Discs as you can and wait for getting a Sun Stone. 

How To Use A Sun Stone In Pokemon Go?

A Sun Stone can be used as a mandatory item for a few specific evolutions in Pokemon Go. These are:

1. To evolve Gloom into Bellossom

2. To evolve Cottonee into Whimsicott

3. To evolve Helioptile into Heliolisk

4. To evolve Sunkern into Sunflora

5. To evolve Petilil into Lilligant

So, you need to possess one of these Pokemon in your Pokedex if you want to make your Sun Stone into use. 

Once you have one of the Pokemon, either Gloom, Cottonee, Helioptile, Sunkern, or Petilil, you can collect the required amount of candies (50 candies of the respective Pokemon) and then proceed with the evolution process. 

For this, you need to go to the map view of Pokemon Go from where you have to head to the main menu of your game. There, tap on the Pokemon button where a list of all your Pokemon will be displayed. Here, you have to select one of the Pokemon we mentioned above that you would like to evolve using the Sun Stone. 

This will display the Pokemon Summary of the one you selected, where you will also find the Evolve button on the screen. Tap on the Evolve Button and this will consume your collected candies of the respective Pokemon along with the Sun Stone that you had in your inventory, and you will eventually get your evolution. 

This is the only way in which you can use a Sun Stone. Remember that there is nothing else in the entire Pokemon Go game where you can use a Sun Stone. And, also note that using a Sun Stone is a compulsion for all of the five Pokemon we have mentioned, otherwise you cannot have these evolutions without a Sun Stone. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you are all clarified about what is the significance of a Sun Stone, where you can get this Sun Stone from, and how to use a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go. If there is any other item in Pokemon Go that you have recently heard of and are not sure what its use is, then you can share it with us in the comments so that we can let you know about the same.

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