How To Fix AI Dungeon Not Working | AI Dungeon Not Loading 2022

Facing some issues with AI Dungeon? Is your AI dungeon stuck on loading screen? You might face such troubles with the app, but, we know well how to fix AI Dungeon not working, so sit back and relax because we will not let you leave your adventure mid-way.

‘AI Dungeon’ is a unique application for iOS as well as Android mobile users, where you can create your own text adventure. The app uses cutting-edge AI technology where you can choose the setting and the app will generate the start of a story that you can proceed further.

How to fix AI Dungeon not working? Answer: First, make sure that you have an active internet connection on your phone, if the app is still not working, close all the applications running in the background and re-open the app. At the very last, you can try Hard Reboot your device and then open AI Dungeon, it will definitely work.

Want to know in detail how to make your AI Dungeon app work? We have simplified the method below, so you can read further to find out. 

Why Is My AI Dungeon Not Working?

If the AI Dungeon app is not working on your mobile device, there can be an issue either with your device or maybe with the internet connection on it. Don’t worry, we are going to tell you how to get rid of whichever issue you are facing with loading AI Dungeon.

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How To Fix AI Dungeon Not Working?

There are several issues that users have complained about AI Dungeon not working, some of which include a black or white screen when opening the app, AI Dungeon not loading, and some having account-related problems. Let us discuss how to fix each of them.

How To Fix AI Dungeon Showing Blank Screen (Black Screen/White Screen)?

One of the most common issues that people are facing with AI Dungeon is the blank screen that appears as soon as they open the app soon after which the app crashes. Can this be fixed? Of course, there are methods that can work.

The first thing that you should do in such a case is to press the menu of recent applications and close the applications opened in the background as well as the AI Dungeon app. Now, open AI Dungeon again, and in most cases, it will start working again. 

However, if there was not just a simple loading error in the game, you would still face the same problem. In that case, you will have to Hard Reboot your device. For this, you will just have to long press the Home and Power buttons together for ten seconds, then again long press the Power button to turn on the phone.  Now, try to open the app again and in 99% of the cases, it will work. 

If this method also fails, then just simply wait for your device’s battery to drain out and once it turns off, put it for charging and turn it on, and then play the application. 

If none of the above methods proves to be helpful, the final thing that can be tried is uninstalling the app and then re-installing it. Then open the app and it will surely start working properly. 

How To Fix AI Dungeon Loading Error/Server Error?

If the AI Dungeon app is showing a loading error, server error, connection error, or Ping problem, or screen freeze, then the case might be the improper functioning of your internet connection. 

Make sure that you have an active internet connection on your smartphone and only then open AI Dungeon, or else it will not work properly. 

How To Fix AI Dungeon Login Issue/Account Related Issue?

If you are facing any issues while logging in to the AI Dungeon app, then this might also be happening due to a poor internet connection. 

So, in this case, too, check your device’s internet connection if it is working properly and fix it out, after which you will not have any trouble logging in to your account on the app. 

Otherwise, also make sure that you are entering the correct login credentials. Double check the characters entered while you log in to your account or it will show an error. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know about all the possible reasons behind AI Dungeon not working as well as how to fix each of those issues. If you ever face trouble on the app, try using the methods we mentioned and the matter will surely be resolved in no time. 

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