Where To Find Nirnroot In Skyrim – 26 Best Locations

Are you looking for Nirnroot? Yes, of course, we are talking about the Skyrim game. Being an important ingredient in the game, you should be aware of where to find Nirnroot.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a popular action game that you can play from the perspective of the first person as well as a third person. While you roam in the wilderness, you need to make some necessary potions that require Nirnroot as an important ingredient. 

But, where to find Nirnroot in Skyrim? Answer: The main locations to find the Nirnroot plant include – the Sarethi Farm, The Northwatch Keep, the Steepfall burrow, the Dawnstar Sanctuary, and the Bruca’s Leap Redoubt, the Evergreen Grove, the abandoned Shack, and the Bleakcoast cave. In these locations, you will be able to find Nirnroot plants in abundance, so you must go for them. 

To know in detail which locations are to be considered to find Nirnroot in Skyrim, then you may proceed further.

What Is Nirnroot In Skyrim?

Nirnroot is basically a green-colored plant that grows near water in the game Skyrim. Since the plant glows at night as well as emits a unique sound, so it is better if you look for the plant in the dark. 

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Where To Find Nirnroot?

There is a total of 166 Nirnroot plants that can be found within the whole game at 85 different locations

Let us tell you the major locations where the Nirnroot plants can be found in a good number. 

1. In the Rift, around Sarethi farm – 9 Nirnroot plants 

2. In Haafingar, around the Northwatch Keep – 13 Nirnroot plants

3. In Haafingar, around the Steepfall Burrow –  6 Nirnroot plants 

4. In The Pale, around the Dawnstar Sanctuary – 5 Nirnroot plants

5. In The Reach, around Bruca’s Leap Redoubt – 4 Nirnroot plants

6. In Falkreath Hold, around the Evergreen Grove – 4 Nirnroot plants

7. In Hjaalmarch, around the Abandoned Shack – 3 Nirnroot plants

8. In Winterhold, around Bleakcoast Cave – 3 Nirnroot plants

9. In Whiterun Hold, around Bleakwind Basin – 3 Nirnroot plants

10. In Haafingar, around Brinewater Grotto – 3 Nirnroot plants

11. In Haafingar, around Broken Oar Grotto – 3 Nirnroot plants

12. In The Reach, around Gloomreach – 3 Nirnroot plants

13. In The Rift, around Heartwood Mill – 3 Nirnroot plants

14. In The Reach, centered 1120 feet to the west-northwest of Rimerock Burrow – 3 Nirnroot plants

15. In Haafingar, around Ravenscar Hollow – 3 Nirnroot plants

16. In Whiterun Hold, around Redoran’s Retreat – 3 Nirnroot plants

17. In Haafingar, centered 870 feet to the west-northwest of Rimerock Burrow, 3 Nirnroot plants

18. In The Pale, around the Wreck of The Brinehammer – 3 Nirnroot plants

19. In Hjaalmarch, around the Wreck of The Iceruner – 3 Nirnroot plants

In the following places, you will be able to find Nirnroot kept on display, so you can collect them from there as well: 

20. At Blackreach in Sinderion’s Field Laboratory – 2 Nirnroots

21. At Sarethi Farm – 2 Nirnroots

22. In Angeline’s Aromatics – 2 Nimroot

23. At the College of Winterhold in the Arch Mage’s Quarters – 1 Nirnroot 

24. In the basement of Honeyside – One Nirnroot 

25. At the College of Winterhold in the Hall of Countenance – One Nirnroot

26. In Falkreath, in the alchemy room of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary – 1 Nirnroot 

Apart from these locations with the natural growth of Nirnroot, you can also get them from merchants. 

At the Falkreath Sanctuary, Babette sells one Nirnroot after every two days. 

The other one is Angeline Morrard of Angeline’s Aromatics from Solitude who sells two Nirnroot and the third Nirnroot is displayed in her shop, but the only thing is that you will need to steal it. 

What Is The Use Of Nirnroot In Skyrim?

There are several potions that are required to be crafted in the game, for which Nirnroot works as the major ingredient. You cannot make certain potions in the alchemy lab in Skyrim if you do not have Nirnroot. Here are the major uses for which Nirnroot is important. 

1. Invisibility

2. Health Damage

3. Resist Magic

4. Damage Stamina

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Wrap Up

Now you know about all the places where to find Nirnroot plant from. Just go to these locations and you will easily get them, especially if you choose to search for them in the nighttime as their glowing appearance will immediately make you recognize the plant. Share this with your Skyrim-playing friends so they can also use Nirnroot to make certain potions. 

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