How To Evolve Phantump In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

Do you have any Grass and Ghost Type Pokemon in your team yet? If not, then Trrevenant is a great option because it is quite a powerful choice. But to get this, you need to first know how to evolve Phantump in Pokemon Sword and Shield because that’s how you will be able to obtain the species you are looking for. 

There is a wide range of Pokemon that you will find in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Some can be found directly while some can only be evolved from their basic forms. The process of evolution varies from one Pokemon to another, and we need to check out what is the procedure in the case of a Phantump. 

To evolve Phantump in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you need to first get a Phantump for yourself, and then all you have to do is trade this Pokemon with another player in the game. Once you trade it, the other player will receive the evolved form of the Phantump, that is, Trevenant. Thus, it is necessary that you trade it with a trusted player whom you know closely so that you can ask for your evolved Phantump back for yourself. 

Do you know you can also get a Trevenant directly without facing the troubles of evolving it from a Phantump? Don’t worry, all this information has been covered and you will find out soon if you just continue to read this article. 

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How To Evolve Phantump In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

To evolve any Pokemon, you need to first have that species with yourself and the same goes for a Phantump. 

If you haven’t got one yet, then we would like to inform you that Glimwood Tangle is the best location for you to find and catch a Phantump. 

Alternatively, you can also have good chances of encountering one in the Max Raid Battles that take place in Watchtower Ruins, Dappled Grove, Giant’s Mirror, and Stony Wilderness. 

However, if, by any chance, you have the expansion Crown Tundra DLC, the options for finding a Phantump increase for you in Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

You can possibly get this species in the Slippery Slope of Crown Tundra, or in the Old Cemetry. You can also check out the Giant’s Foot, Snowslide Slope, and the Three-Point Pass. except for the Slippery Slope, you can encounter this Pokemon in all other locations in tall grass. 

Once you have a Phantump of yourself, you can go ahead with its evolution for which you do not require any kind of extra evolutionary item. All you need to do is trade your Phantump with another player. 

Now, for this, you need to have a friend you can trust. Since the Phantump will only be evolved into a Trevenant after you have traded it with another player, it means that the other player will receive the evolutionary form of this Pokemon, not you. 

Thus, it is important for you to make sure you trust the other player so that you can get back your Trevenant from them. 

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Another important thing for you, if you want a Trevenant, evolving it from a Phantump is not the only option you have in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can also get this form directly. Although a bit rare, this Pokemon can also be directly caught in the same locations where you get to find a Phantump. 

And in the Crown Tundra’s Old Cemetry, Slippery Slope, and Snowslide Slope, you can find this Trevenant as a wanderer. 

Furthermore, if you take part in the Dynamax Adventure, there are high chances for you to encounter a Trevenant in the Max Lair, where you can beat it and then catch this Pokemon for yourself. 

Wrap Up

We hope that this was all the information you needed so that you can evolve your Phantump into a Trevenant in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If there is still something you find any kind of problem with, or if you wish to evolve any other Pokemon in the game, you can share it with us in the comments section below and we shall soon come up with another guide on that.

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