How To Turn Off Crossplay On Warzone Xbox?

Do you wish to get away with the crossplay option in Call of Duty Warzone? A lot of players enable the crossplay mode on their Xbox but when they do not need it, they don’t know how to turn off crossplay on Warzone Xbox, if you are also dealing with the same issue, we are here to your rescue. 

Warzone is one of the editions of Call of Duty that was released in the year 2020. Such battle royale games always come with the crossplay feature along with them so that people can conveniently play the game from different platforms without worrying about getting a new console just for a game. 

To turn of crossplay on Warzone Xbox, go to Settings>Account>Privacy & Online Safety>Xbox Live Privacy>Custom>Details & Customize>Communication & Multiplayer. There you will find the option to block all the players outside of Xbox Live. The crossplay mode will be turned off once you do this.

Continue to read if you wish to know the whole procedure in detail about how to turn off crossplay mode on Warzone on your Xbox. 

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Why Should You Turn Off Crossplay On Warzone?

Since the crossplay feature has been specially introduced for COD Warzone, what is the reason that someone will need to turn it off on their console? 

The reason is that, even though the crossplay feature allows you to play with your friends from different platforms, you also get prone to cheaters and hackers. No matter you have launched RICOCHET or not, there are great chances that you would encounter certain hackers while the crossplay feature has been enabled to the game. 

This is the reason you must remember to turn the Crossplay mode off on your Xbox when not in need so that you can be prevented from such users that can be harmful to you. 

How To Turn Off Crossplay On Warzone Xbox?

Now that you know it is crucial to turn off the crossplay mode on Warzone Xbox when not required, let us then check out what are the steps that you need to take for this purpose. 

So, here is the brief procedure for you to easily disable the crossplay mode on your Xbox in Call of Duty Warzone. 

1. Go to the Dashboard of your Xbox. 

2. Here, open the Settings menu. 

3. Now, choose the “Account” tab from the list. 

4. There you will see the “Privacy & Online Safety” option, open it. 

5. Now, select the “Xbox Live Privacy” option from here. 

6. Click on “Custom”.

7. Open the “Details & Customize” option where you will get to choose the “Communication &  Multiplayer” option. 

8. Finally, there will be an option mentioning “You can play with people outside of Xbox Live”, here you have to choose the Block option. 

Once you have done this, you will only be able to play Warzone on your Xbox with those friends that you have on your own gaming platform, that is, an Xbox, and all the players who are using another console, like a PS, or a PC, will not be accessible to you for the gameplay. 

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How To Turn Off Crossplay On Warzone PC, PS4, And PS5?

If you are using a PC, a PS4, or a PS5, here are the steps that you require to follow in order to turn the crossplay mode off for the game Warzone. 

1. On your Xbox, first you have to log in to Warzone. 

2. Next, go to the “Options” tab on the screen. 

3. Here you have to scroll through to find the “Account” section and click on it. 

4. In this menu, you will find the Crossplay option that would be enabled, you can disable it from here by sliding the toggle. 

Wrap Up

If you happen to decide that you again need the crossplay feature for Warzone on your Xbox, you can follow the same procedure to enable the mode again on your console. If there is any other problem you are facing while operating COD Warzone on your Xbox, you can feel free to share it with us via the comments section so that we can help you out of it.

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