How Long To Beat Metroid Dread 2022

Decided on playing Metroid Dread, but also have to look into your schedule? Well, you must then first check out how long to beat Metroid Dread, so you can divide the hours, right? 

It will take you a total of 13 hours if you want to fully complete the game Metroid Dread. However, you can also beat Metroid Dread in just 9 hours if you are only focused on the main story.

Metroid Dread is a popular action-adventure game where you get to take control of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter, explore the ZDR planet, and have to prevent the Pirates from using the Metroids, the parasites that will only bring destruction. The game will only come to an end after you have dealt with the Mother Brain who is the leader of the pirates.

Let us tell you all the possible durations that will take to beat Metroid Dread so that you can better understand how much time it will take for you to finish the game based on your gameplay style. 

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How Long To Beat Metroid Dread? 

If you are just aiming at the main story of the game, then you will only have to takeout a maximum of 9 hours to beat Metroid Dread. 

But, if you prefer in going for the extras along with the main story, then you will have to spare a max of 11 hours for the game to complete. 

If, if, if you are a completionist, which means that your gameplay would include several optional E-tanks and missile tanks that will extend your life gauge, and other certain expansions, then you cannot beat Metroid Dread in less than 13 hours no matter what. 

Thus, when it comes to just focusing on the main parts of the game and your only goal is to finish the game as soon as possible, then you will be done in just 9 hours. However, if you want to explore each and every aspect of the game then you will definitely need a minimum of 13 hours to COMPLETE the game Metroid Dread. 

Within 11 hours, you can go through all styles available in the Metroid Dread game, however, that will not mean that you are a completionist. 

Let us tell you that if you rush through the game and try to beat Metroid Dread as quickly as possible, then you will be able to do that in just 5 and a half hours in the case of the main story, and around 10 hours in case of completionists. 

But, if you play Metroid Dread on your Nintendo Switch console, then you probably need 2 hours 5 minutes at the fastest speed possible to end the game. 

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Wrap Up

That’s all about how long to beat Metroid Dread, so if you find the time duration suitable, just go ahead and play the game and end it in a day. But, if the timing is too long, then you can also play the game in parts, but make sure that you do not miss this amazing game packed with adventure and action. 

How Long To Beat Metroid Fusion?

If you want to beat Metroid Fusion, you will require around five for that. However, for being the completionist, you will need to play for a minimum of eight hours. 

How Long To Beat Metroid?

If you are looking forward to beating the game Metroid, you need to keep a time frame of 6 hours in your mind. And for 100% completion of the game, you have to give your 7½ hours. 

How Long To Beat Metroid Zero Mission?

To beat the game Metroid Zero Mission, you will need only 4½ hours. And for what you call 100% completion of the game, you have to play for at least 8 hours.  

How Long To Beat Metroid Samus Returns?

This one is quite a long game, so you need 11 hours to beat Metroid: Samus Returns, and a minimum of 15 hours to fully complete the game.

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