How To Get Heracross Pokemon Go – 20 Great Heracross Counters

Do you know which type of Pokemon is ideal against Grass, Dark, or Psychic Type Pokemon? They are the Bug Type Pokemon. And what if there is a Bug Type Pokemon combined with a Fighting Type? That would definitely be the cherry on top. So, if you need such a Pokemon, then it is time for you to know how to get Heracross Pokemon Go. 

To get Heracross in Pokemon Go, you will need to find it in the gyms around you or in the grassy areas including gardens, parks, and forests. Once you find one, you will have to battle it against the Pokemon falling either under the Flying, Psychic, Fire, or Fairy Type categories because it is weak against these kinds of Pokemon. 

Real Pokemon Go players do not settle down with a few Pokemon on their list. They have the zeal to catch each and every kind of Pokemon available in the game as well as evolve them. That is why every other day, we come up with another guide to getting a new Pokemon easily, and here is one for Heracross. 

If you really want to have a Heracross Pokemon of your own, then this is where you are going to know everything you need to get it in the earliest possible time. 

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How To Get Heracross Pokemon Go?

Before anything, it is necessary that you are a little more aware of Heracross so that you can prepare yourself well before landing in a battle with Heracross in Pokemon Go. 

As said, Heracross is a Bug and a Fighting Type Pokemon in the game which has a Raid Boss CP of 20,809.

If you need to catch a Heracross, then the suitable CP would be somewhere between 1693 and 1772. 

However, if you want to know the weather-boosted CP value, then it ranges from 2116 to 2215. 

Now, the question arises, where to find Heracross in Pokemon Go? Well, such Bug Type Pokemon are best found in the grassy areas in the wild. These areas will include any parks, gardens, and forests around you. You must also look around the gyms in your location to find Heracross. 

Since Heracross is usually a regional exclusive Pokemon, if your location is somewhere in or around South America, then you have got an upper hand because this is the location where the spawn rate of Heracross is the highest. Other good locations where the Heracross Pokemon has a good enough spawn rate are Texas and Southern Florida. 

If you are somewhere outside these locations, we must tell you that it is very rare that Heracross has appeared in any other areas in the world, so you would be having really fewer chances in that case. 

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Best Heracross Counters In Pokemon Go

Heracross is a Pokemon that shows vulnerability to the Fairy Type, Flying Type, Psychic Type, and Fire Type Pokemon, out of which, it is the weakest against Flying Type Pokemon, so if you have such types in your list of Pokemon, then it will be good for you during the raid. 

 Now is the time that you check out some of the best counters to Heracross in the game along with their most appropriate move sets that will help you to beat a Heracross Pokemon quite easily after which you can catch one for yourself. 

1. Shadow Moltres – Sky Attack, Wing Attack

2. Mega Pidgeot – Grave Bird, Gust

3. Shadow Ho-Oh – Brave Bird Hidden Power

4. Shadow Staraptor – Brave Bird Staraptor

5. Shadow Honchkrow – Sky Attack, Peck

6. Moltres – Sky Attack, Wing Attack

7. Shadow Zapdos – Drill Peck, Thundershock

8. Rayquaza – Hurricane, Air Slash

9. Shadow Lugia – Extrasensory, Aeroblast+

10. Mega Charizard Y – Air Slash, Blast Burn

11. Shadow Mewtwo – Playstrike, Confusion

12. Lugia – Aeroblast ++, Extrasensory

13. Staraptor – Brave Bird, Wing Attack

14. Yveltal – Hurricane, Gust

15. Galarian Articuno – Psycho Cut, Brave Bird

16. Tornadus – Hurricane, Air Slash

17. Tornadus Therian – Hurricane, Gust

18. Braviary – Brave Bird, Air Slash

19. Unfezant – Air Slash, Sky Attack

20. Zapdos – Drill Peck, Charge Beam

These are all the 20 great options to choose from when you have to beat a Heracross Pokemon, however, the best five among them are Shadow Moltres, Mega Pidgeot, Shadow Ho-Oh, Shadow Staraptor, and Shadow Honchkrow, so if you have any of these, the battle is going to end smoothly for you.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have got all the necessary info related to how to get Heracross Pokemon Go, and if there is something else that you are still doubtful of, you may feel free to make the query in the comments section right below and we will reach out to you for resolving the issue. Also, tell us which is the next Pokemon on your mind that you wish to catch, so we can help you out with that too.

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