Best Legacy Board Games To Try In 2022

Since the concept of legacy board games was introduced in gaming, those traditional board games have become outdated and boring. Have you tried any yet? If not, then it is time that you also get your hands on some of the best legacy board games available out there.

Legacy board games are designed with the concept of a campaign in which the same players continue the game till the end. These are entirely different from those traditional board games you have played. Some great legacy board games have been introduced in the past few years that will make you forget about playing video games. 

The best legacy board games to play are: 

1. Gloomhaven

2. Charterstone

3. Risk Legacy

4. Rise Of Queensdale

5. Aeon’s End Legacy

5. Aeon’s End Legacy

7. Ultimate Werewolf Legacy

Let us discuss a little each of these board games so you decide which one to purchase first and play with your family or friends. 

Best Legacy Board Games

1. Gloomhaven

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Gloomhaven is a role-playing legacy game, being the first game to surpass the Pandemic Legacy board game and ranked first on the list of top-rated games of BGG. everything from background and story to gameplay is intense in Gloomhaven. So, this game has been one of the Best legacy board games BGG.

The game is for players over fourteen years, and from one to four players can play this game at a time. If it is your first time trying a legacy board game, then Gloomhaven is the best choice. 

You can purchase the Gloomhaven legacy board game from Amazon for $140. 

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2. Charterstone

Best Legacy Board Games - Charterstone

Charterstone is an entirely unique legacy board game to date. In the game is the kingdom of Greengully which the Forever king has been ruling for centuries and has now to colonize the lands beyond the kingdom’s border. For this, six citizens of the kingdom have been selected, each of which possesses different skills required for the task. 

Now you know, this game can be played with up to six players, and the playing time of the game is sixty minutes. This legacy board game is competitive and you will have fun playing it with your best friends. 

If you want to play this game, you can purchase it for $67.85 on Amazon. 

3. Risk Legacy

Best Legacy Board Games - Risk Legacy

Risk Legacy is the first ever legacy board game that was developed in 2011, however, there is some improvisation in its print making it somewhat different from the original game. 

The game lets the winner customize the army as well as give them bonuses accordingly. Among the set of different bonuses, the losers will select one to use in the next game, this feature helps maintain a balance among the players in the game. 

You will require to pay $59.98 in order to purchase Risk Legacy on Amazon.

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4. Rise Of Queensdale

Best Legacy Board Games - Rise Of Queensdale

It is time to try your hand to build a new castle for the Queen and the best builder will be the winner. This is a worker placement game that is quite sleepy, so the game will build up at a slow pace. 

There is a customized dice that you will use in Rising of Queensdale, all the actions that will take place in the game will primarily depend upon how the dice rolls. You can also customize the sides of the dice which will let you have different abilities. 

Rise Of Queensdale is available for purchase on Amazon at just $79.98. 

5. Aeon’s End Legacy

Best Legacy Board Games - Aeon's End Legacy

Aeon’s End Legacy is a mixture of deck-builder and dungeon-crawler card games where the players will have to work together and finish off a number of monsters and keep drafting cards for enhancing their abilities. 

Breach Mages, who the players will control, are the only remaining hope for humanity, and you have to protect the world from all those dangerous creatures. The narrative of the game is engaging. You must be aware that this one is the first ever legacy deck builder card game. 

7. Ultimate Werewolf Legacy

Best Legacy Board Games - Ultimate Werewolf legacy

There is a total of five chapters in the game  Ultimate Werewolf Legacy board game where every chapter further comprises three games. 

Each of the games takes between 45 minutes and one hour to end, the timing varies as per the number of players playing the game. This game has been developed for large groups with a minimum of nine players and a maximum of 16 players. 

The game begins in a village in England where all the characters will belong to the same family. There are werewolves in the village, the number of which keeps increasing gradually depending upon how you played in the previous game. You can also put bets and earn money playing this board game. 

This game is available on Amazon for $49.99. 

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Wrap Up

These were all some of the most famous and best legacy board games to play with your group. Share it with your friends and siblings and ask them which one they are going to play at this weekend’s dinner. 

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