How To Go Invisible On Steam 2022 | How To Appear Offline On Steam

Some days, you might not be in the mood of chatting with your friends on Steam, but only play games over there. At that time, you need to know how to go invisible on Steam, or how to appear offline on Steam. Otherwise it gets tough to ignore people who know that you are online and still ignoring their messages, right?

To go invisible on Steam, you just have to go to the Friends menu and click on the Offline option from there. This will make you go offline on the platform, while, in reality, you are still present there and playing games without having to worry about indulging with your Steam friends. However, if you can’t find this option on your PC or Mac, we also have some tips for you below.

Steam is one of the most preferable platforms where you install and keep your video games and also add friends to play those games with as well as chat with. But, it is not possible that you would want to interact with your Steam friends every time, thus, it gets important that there is a way that lets you use Steam without your friends being aware that you are online.

If you want to know in detail about how to go offline and invisible on Steam, then just read this article and you will get the simplified and detailed steps for that.

What Is The Use Of Offline Mode On Steam?

There are times when you do not want to play with your friends on Steam. After all, we all need some time for ourselves and ourselves alone. Moreover, sometimes, we do not want to let anyone else know which secret game’s mission we are working on and just want to accomplish it secretively.

In such conditions, the Offline mode on Steam comes into play. Yes, with this mode turned on, you will be able to play whichever game you want on Steam. Neither your friends will know that you are online and using Steam at that time, nor they will ever find out which particular game are you playing at the moment. Isn’t this a very important feature? After all, we all have some specific games to play that we do not want others to be a part of. So it is better not to disclose them unless you are willing.

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How To Go Invisible On Steam? 

If you want to stay online on Steam, but want to appear to your friends like you are offline at the time, then there is an invisible mode that you can go for. Here are the steps that you would require to follow if you want to go invisible on Steam.

1. First, open Steam and make sure that you are logged in to your account. 

2. From the menu at the top, select the “Friends” option. 

3. A drop-down menu will appear, here, select the “Offline” option and you will then appear offline to your Steam friends. 

You might sometimes need to wait for a few minutes after making the changes, but it will eventually start working after some time and none of your friends on Steam will be able to see you online on the platform. 

Sometimes, the Offline status option doesn’t appear in the menu on Steam, and this becomes an issue for the users. If that is the case, there are some troubleshooting methods that you can go for. 

1. The first thing you need to check is if you are having an active internet connection with your PC or Mac. Try reconnecting to your wifi network again and then look for the option. 

2. Also, clear the app’s cache on your device. Even if you are using it on the browser, go to the task manager and clear all the cache. 

3. Make sure that you have not enabled the Enhanced Protected Mode in your browser’s advanced settings. 

4. If nothing else works, log out of your Steam account and then again log in to it. 

We assure you that one of these troubleshooting methods will resolve the issue and you will be able to switch to the offline mode on Steam. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that this would definitely have helped answer your question of how to go invisible on Steam. So, from now on, you do not have to think much when you just want some alone time to play games on Steam. You can just go invisible there and play your favorite games on the platform.

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