Star Wars Battlefront 2 Error Code 770 – How To Fix

Of all the Star Wars games to date, Battlefront is our favorite and we are sure the same goes for you. But, recently some gamers have been encountering Star Wars Battlefront 2 Error Code 770. If you are also here to know how this error can be fixed, then you will not leave empty-handed from here. 

To fix Star Wars Battlefront 2 Error Code 770, first, you need to make sure that the servers of the game are not down. Then, you should begin by trying restarting the game as well as restarting your router. If this also doesn’t let you to the online mode, you can create a Static IP address and enjoy playing the game with your friends. 

Star Wars Battlefront II is a popular shooter video game based on Star Wars and follows the action genre. You get to play it in the first or third person where you get to take part in the battles. You can either go for ground or space battles, based on which you choose your character. However, there is a connectivity error troubling all the Battlefront fans, stopping them from playing the game. 

If you want to get rid of the Error code 770 in Star Wars Battlefront 2, then this is the right place, read through and get the solution to your problem. 

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What Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 Error Code 770?

The Error Code 770 that is often witnessed by many Star Wars Battlefront 2 players is an issue due to which the players are unable to play the game in the online multiplayer mode. We have all waited long enough for the game developers to take any action to fix this issue, but looks like they are not taking this problem into consideration.

But why worry, we have already looked around and found the solution for you so you do not have to depend upon the developers anymore and can jump into the game to play the multiplayer mode right after you read this. 

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How To Fix Star Wars Battlefront 2 Error Code 770?

Before you apply any tricks to fix the Error Code 770 in your game, you will need to make sure that the error is not caused by the servers being down. 

You can just go to the official website of Battlefront 2 and check their server status. If their servers are down, then you can just do nothing but wait for them to get better. However, if they are working perfectly fine, then you should move further with our workarounds. 

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1. Try Starting Your Game Again

Sometimes there is a minor issue in the game that gets instantly resolved right after you restart it. Believe us or not, this work in 99% of the cases. 

So, the first and the easiest thing you can try is to restart your Battlefront 2 game and check if the issue is solved or not. 

2. Restart The Router

In case restarting the game doesn’t work, you should go for turn off and then on your router. You just have to unplug the router from all its current connections and turn it off. 

Then after a few seconds again turn it on and then start the game again. What? Did this also not work? No issues, there is still a method to try out. 

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3. Create A Static IP Address

The last thing you can try to make the game work for you in the online multiplayer mode is creating a static IP address. Then you can port to the server ports of Battlefront. You will find the Server Ports on EA. 

Once this is done, enable the DMZ and then check if this gets you connected to the servers. We assure you that this will work and you will be able to play in online mode after that. 

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Wrap Up

We understand the fun of being able to play the game with your friends in multiplayer mode. And, we will not accept any kind of error that stops you from doing that in Battlefront 2. That is why we came with your guide on how to fix Star Wars Battlefronts 2 Error Code 770 and hope that this helps.

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