Best Moves For Gyarados Pokemon Go

Do you wish to use the Gyarados you have caught for your upcoming battle? Wait a minute then, have you retrieved all the necessary information about this Pokemon to see if it is suitable or not? The most important thing to know is about the best moves for Gyarados Pokemon Go, and if you still don’t know, we are here to provide you with all the info. 

There are several Pokemon you will find in the game Pokemon Go, and all of them have their own set of moves that they can use during a battle. Based upon which kind of Pokemon you are going to fight against, you need to see if your Pokemon’s moves are compatible and strong or not, only then you can decide if you should use that species in the game or not. 

The best moves for Gyarados in Pokemon Go are Waterfall with 16 DPS and Hydro Pump with 47.3 DPS. Apart from these, there are some legacy moves as well, for instance, the legacy fast move that a Gyarados has is Dragon Tail, while there are two legacy charged moves for a Gyarados – Aqua Tail and Dragon Pulse. You might also need to know the best Movesets for a Gyarados, the information to which has been provided below and you can have it if you keep reading. 

Let us know more in detail about the Movesets that a Gyarados has in Pokemon Go and which ones among them are the best suited for this species. 

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Best Moves For Gyarados Pokemon Go

There are about four fast moves that a Gyarados can learn in Pokemon Go and the number of charged moves that it can learn is Six. 

Fast Moves Of Gyarados In Pokemon Go

1. Waterfall (Water Type move)

2. Dragon Tail (Dragon Type Move)

3. Dragon Breath (Dragon Type Move)

4. Bite (Dark Type Move)

Charged Moves Of Gyarados In Pokemon Go

1. Twister (Dragon Type Move)

2. Outrage (Dragon Type Move)

3. Hydro Pump (Water Type Move)

4. Dragon Pulse (Dragon Type Move)

5. Crunch (Dark Type Move)

6. Aqua Tail (Water Type Move)

If you have a shadow Gyarados, then Frustration is an added move for your Pokemon, and for a purified one, you get an additional move called Return. 

Of all these moves that you can make your Gyarados learn, the best ones are Waterfall and Hydro Pump with 16 DPS and 47.3 DPS respectively. 

The legacy fast move of a Gyarados in Dragon Tail. 

The legacy charged moves of a Gyarados are Aqua Tail and Dragon Pulse. 

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Let us also know what combination of Movesets a Gyarados can have in Pokemon Go

Best Movesets For Gyarados In Pokemon Go

1. Waterfall, Hydro Pump 

DPS – 13.65

TDO – 627.96

TTFA – 15.6 s

2. Waterfall, Aqua Tail

DPS – 13.2

TDO – 591.61

TTFA – 6 s

3. Dragon Tail, Hydro Pump

DPS – 12.86

TDO – 591.61

TTFA – 13.2 s

4. Dragon Breath, Hydro Pump

DPS – 12.85

TDO – 591.16

TTFA – 12.5 s 

5. Bite, Hydro Pump

DPS – 12.85

TDO – 591.16

TTFA – 12.5 s

6. Waterfall, Outrage

DPS – 12.44

TDO – 572.28

TTFA – 8.4 s

7. Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail 

DPS – 12.19

TDO – 560.75

TTFA – 8.4 s

8. Dragon Breath, Aqua Tail

DPS – 12.05

TDO – 554.44

TTFA – 4.5 s

Wrap Up

Now you know the best moves of a Gyarados in Pokemon Go whether they are fast moves or charged moves, and you also know which are the best Moveset combinations that you can use when you choose your Gyarados for a battle. If you follow this guide and use the same moves as mentioned, no one can stop you from winning the battle. 

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