Airplane Games For Xbox One 2022

It is time to set off to the sky and fly away through some great Airplane games for Xbox One. Are you ready to have a long journey in the air? Because the flying games for Xbox One are so good that you won’t be able to let go of them so easily. 

Tell us a genre in which Xbox One doesn’t provide you with a single game! We bet you can’t. Because Xbox One is popular for having a wide range of games you will always find a number of games of the kind that you love. And if you like Airplane games, then Xbox One has the best ever collection for you. 

The best Airplane games for Xbox One are: 

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

2. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

3. Star Wars: Squadrons

4. Aces Of The Luftwaffe

5. Skydrift Infinity

6. Red Wings: Aces Of The Sky

7. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

To check further about these all great airplane games available for your Xbox One, keep scrolling down and read through. 

7 Best Airplane Games For Xbox One

Want to discuss all these mind-blowing airplane games on Xbox One, so it becomes easier to choose which you play? Well, we already know what you want to know, so here it is. 

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Airplane Games For Xbox One - Microsoft Flight Simulator

A lot of people had been asking ‘When is Flight Simulator coming to Xbox One?’. Well, if you are unaware, it has existed since 2020. Microsoft Flight Simulator game is a very popular airplane simulation game that will make you feel an experience like you are flying a plane in real life.

There are different airports as well as airplanes you can choose from in the game. Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released in three versions; Premium Deluxe, deluxe, and standard. 

It is one of the longest-running home flight simulator games and you will love to play this amateur flight simulator. 

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2. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Airplane Games For Xbox One -  Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Here is a great combat flight simulation game with arcade style that you cannot miss. Ace Combat 7 gives you such a great and realistic experience, you will keep playing the game again and again. 

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you can adjust the control settings according to your convenience while playing the game. Certain aircraft maneuvers like rolls and high g-turns that are realistic can be executed in the game. 

You can choose your aircraft out of 28 different options, and there are also eight more downloadable ones. Most aircrafts used in the game have been licensed from real life. It is one of the best Airplane games for Xbox One.

3. Star Wars: Squadrons

Airplane Games For Xbox One -   Star Wars: Squadrons

Okay, so, we know that you are looking for Airplane games on Xbox One, and this is not exactly an “Airplane” game, but, it is going to be amazing. Star Wars Squadrons is basically a game that has space combat, so you are going to fly a spaceship here and it is one of the best flying games for Xbox One. 

You play this game from the perspective of the first person and play the characters of starfighters. You take control of the functions and weaponry of the ship and have to defeat your enemies in this combat. 

4. Aces Of The Luftwaffe

Airplane Games For Xbox One - Aces Of The Luftwaffe

Are you wondering if there are any WW2 airplane games Xbox One has? Then your search ends here because Aces of The Luftwaffe is a game set in the second world war, where you will play the character of an RAF pilot who has to battle the waves of attacks on the Luftwaffe. 

You can upgrade your plane within the game and also earn some medals in the game by winning the combats. This is going to give you a near-to real-life war experience. 

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5. Skydrift Infinity

Airplane Games For Xbox One - Skydrift Infinity

Enough of car and bike races, want to take part in an airplane race this time? Then go ahead and get Skydrift Infinity for yourself. You can play the game in several modes all of which are based on combat racing. 

There are numerous airplanes and you can choose yours to race with. There are about 33 challenges in the single-player mode in the game as well as in the multiplayer online mode. 

6. Red Wings: Aces Of The Sky

Airplane Games For Xbox One - Red Wings: Aces Of The Sky

This one is another arcade-style airplane fighting game that is based on the events of the first world war where you have to be a part of the aerial battles. Along with the legendary Red Baron, you have to make your way to be victorious in the combats. 

7. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

Airplane Games For Xbox One - Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

If you want more Airplane combats, then let’s add another game to the list. Flying Tigers is also a combat flight simulation video game for Xbox One which is based on the event of World War 2 when the Chinese troops went over to fight against Japan. 

The game can either be played from the first or third-person perspective. You will take the role of a member of the team Flying Tigers which has been specially recruited by the Chinese troops. 

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Wrap Up

These are all the amazing airplane games for Xbox One and you should definitely try each of them if you really love to play video games that are set up in the heights. Share this with your friends as well and ask them to accompany you in the ones with multiplayer modes.

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