Where to Find Gible in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

Cynthia, the Champion’s companion Pokemon, Garchomp, has caused a fright in the hearts of Pokemon players for over 15 years, leaving many wondering what they can do to get their own.

With Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players don’t need to wait too long to get started with the first step of the dream: meeting the Gible. As in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Gible can only be located within the Wayward Cave underneath the Cycling Road on Route 206. However, it can only be located in the hidden cave’s entrance, which can be located by going towards the right of the entrance and crossing the bridge directly.

Once players have entered this secret entry point, they’ll be welcomed by rocks which can only be moved using the Poketch’s Strength HMs app. This can be found from the top of the Lost Tower on Route 208 and is only available after beating Canalave City’s Gym Director, Byron.

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If they meet the prerequisites for a trip to the bottom within the Wayward Cave, they will be able to meet the wild Gible. But the Dragon and ground-type Pokemon are extremely difficult to find even in the place that it’s located, which means it is possible that players will encounter many wild Pokemon before the Gible occurs.

Give changes into Gabite at the level of 24, and then Garchomp after level 48. Although it needs the highest level of training to transform into any Pokemon that is available within Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players can take advantage of the chance to experience the same feeling as Cynthia by having Mach. Mach Pokemon at their disposal.

How do you get Gible in Pokemon brilliant diamond?

Then, Gible can be obtained through breeding both female and male Gabite or Garchomp or just one or both of the Pokemon with Ditto in the Pokemon Daycare Nursery located in Solaceon Town. Keep visiting until you get an egg. Then take a long stroll till your Gible hatches!

Is Gible in Pokemon brilliant diamond?

Gible is one of the Pokemon available on the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP). Find out how to obtain Gible place inside Wayward Cave or Hideaways, its complete learning set, which includes all the learnable moves and information on evolution and how to evolve and its strengths as well as its type-specific advantages.

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How do you get Gible in Pokemon Diamond without strength?

Unfortunately, no. It is only possible to obtain Gible at the bottom in Wayward Cave in Diamond/Pearl and can only be obtained once you’ve earned your HM Strength.

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