QBZ Warzone Loadout- Best Attachments for QBZ-83

QBZ is an Assault Rifle introduced in COD: Cold War and Warzone. In Warzone, QBZ plays a vital role as it comes with many benefits including superior mobility. After Krig 6, QBZ has become a beast and is liked by many players as the new meta weapon. 

If you are using this gun in Warzone and not using any attachments, you need to read this article. Using no loadout for your QBZ is similar to carrying a low-profile weapon. So, why compromise when you can turn it into a beast? 

Just use the proper combination of attachments. We have made the best multiplayer loadout for QBZ which will help you in different ways.

Talking about the QBZ Warzone Loadout,  the very first thing required is a good set of attachments that should be included in Muzzle, Barrel, Underbarrel, Optics, and Ammunition. To know more about it, go through the complete tutorial.

Best QBZ Warzone Loadout for 2022

Muzzle Suppressor Agency
Barrel Ranger 16.5″
Underbarrel Field Agent’s Grip
Optics 3x Axial Arms
Ammunition STANAG 60 Rnd Drum

The Agency Suppressor is available for all the Assault Rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone. It increases bullet speed and provides both flash and superior sound suppression. 

By equipping the Agency suppressor, you’ll be able to see a decline in vertical recoil control of your QBZ. The underbarrel, field agent grip plays an important role in improving horizontal and vertical recoil. But you have to cope with a slow movement speed.

Coming to the barrel, the Ranger 16.5″ will also improve vertical recoil control as well as bullet speed. For a perfect zoom or magnification, the 3 Axial Arms is perfect.

The stock attachment is an optional one. For it, use the Raider Stock for an additional ADS speed. With a STANAG 60 Rnd Drum, you’ll get extra ammo capacity in your gun. Now you’ll never think of running out of ammo quickly.

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