How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Sword?

If you are planning to complete your Pokedex you will even have to catch those Pokemon that you are never going to need, just like Shedinja. You will probably not use this species ever in any fight, still, you need to know how to get Shedinja in Pokemon Sword for the sake of your Pokedex. 

There are a lot of Pokemon that you can find in Pokemon Sword, however, only a few of them are worth having on your side while the others are just meant to show that a player has completed their Pokedex. These weak Pokemon do not do great in battles and you will only lose if you use them, however, you have no choice but to catch them. 

To get Shedinja in Pokemon Sword, you can search for it in the wild, but that is going to be a near-impossible process, so it is better that you find a Nincada and train it to level 20 after which it will autonomously get evolved into a Shedinja. 

Now, you might be thinking about how you are going to have a Nincada, don’t worry, every single aspect related to getting a Shedinja in Pokemon Sword has been covered in this article, so keep reading. 

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How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Sword?

There is only one way in which you can get a Shedinja, the Dual Type Pokemon (Bug Type and Dark Type) of your own in your Pokedex in Pokemon Sword.

Many players keep searching out in the wild to directly find a Shedinja without any evolution in Pokemon Sword, however, that is not going to be easy at all if you keep putting effort into this side. 

We are not saying that you will never find a Shedinja in Pokemon Sword, the thing is that this species is very, very rare in the game and your chances of having it are the bare minimum. 

That is why it is necessary for you to gain complete information about obtaining Shedinja in Pokemon Sword so that you can apply your time and effort in the right direction. 

The only trick that can give you a Shedinja in Pokemon Sword involves the evolution of a Nincada that will transform into what you are looking for. 

And guess what? The good news is that finding a Nincada is quite an easy task in this game. In both Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can catch a Nincada in the same manner. 

You need to go to Route 5 where the rate of encounter of this Pokemon is 5%, much more than that of finding a Shedinja in its readymade form. 

Alternatively, you can also find a Nincada at the South Lake Miloch or the West Lake Axewell, but the only condition that applies is that you can only have a possibility of finding a Nincada in these locations during a sandstorm in the game. 

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Once you have got your Nincada, you will need to train this Pokemon up to level 19. For this, you need to keep this Nincada in your party all the time till evolution and go to either route 10 or any of the Wild areas in the game. 

You can use your other Pokemon when it comes to battling high-level Pokemon as a result of which you can gain a great amount of EXP. The EXP candy can be used for quickening the process of leveling up your Nincada. 

Now that with all the efforts when you finally make your Nincada reach level 19 in the game, you will require to free up the space of a Pokemon in your party so that you can make space for the Shedinja you are soon going to have. 

For this, you just need to use the Box Link and send a Pokemon from your party to a Box.

Once you have the required space of a Pokemon in your party, you will need to further train your Nincada to one more level, which is up to level 20. You can use Nincada in the battle to earn EXP, you can use the EXP candies, or, you can also use the Pokemon Camp for this purpose. 

As soon as you reach level 20, your Nincada will get evolved into a Shedinja, and you will finally have what you were looking for. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you found this article helpful and after reading this, it won’t take you much time before you have your own Shedinja in Pokemon Sword without stressing much over this. The best part is that the process will get you two Pokemon, a Nincada as well as a Shedinja, which you can further evolve into a Ninjask, so, it is going to be great for your Pokedex completion.

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