How To Get A Turtwig In Pokemon Go – 3 Ways To Own This Grass Type Pokemon

If you know that Grass Type Pokemon show resistance to other Grass, Ground, and Water as well as Electric Type Pokemon, you will immediately set out to find one. That is why we are here with this guide on how to get a Turtwig in Pokemon Go, which is, of course, a Grass Type of Pokemon. 

To get a Turtwig in Pokemon Go, you should use incense as well as Mossy Lure Modules at PokeStops to attract the Pokemon towards you from which you can then find Turtwig. You can also go out and search for it in grassy areas. Moreover, there is also a specific research task that rewards you with this Grass Type Pokemon. Want to know which research task it is? You will need to keep reading further to get all your answers. 

There is a variety of Pokemon available in Pokemon Go each of them belonging to a specific type. Based on the type of Pokemon their importance differs, and it is ideal to possess all kinds of Pokemon so that you don’t miss anything throughout the game. 

If you have already got other types of Pokemon and only a Grass Type is missing, then it is time to go through this article on how to get a Turtwig in Pokemon Go. 

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How To Get A Turtwig In Pokemon Go? 

If you are planning to look around everywhere to find Turtwig, then this is going to waste too much of your time in Pokemon Go. But we know the important things you can focus on to save your time and grab a Turtwig as soon as possible. 

1. Use Incense And Lure

Thus, the first thing we would want to suggest to you is to use an Incense as well as activate a Lure at your nearest PokeStop. In the case of Lure modules, the Mossy Lure module will be the most appropriate one to attract Turtwig towards the PokeStop you activate it at because Mossy Lure Modules are meant for attracting the Grass Type Pokemon. 

When you activate both these items, most of the Pokemon spawning in your location will be attracted to you and there will be great chances that you will also find Turtwig Pokemon also. 

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2. Search In Grassy Locations

However, in case you currently do not have any Incense or Lures in your inventory, there is not much need to worry, the best thing in such an instance you can do is to move to a grassy spawn location. 

Such locations will include gardens, parks, countryside areas, and even hiking trails. We mentioned such areas to you because being a Grass Type Pokemon, there are higher chances of finding Turtwig in areas that are leafy and grassy. On top of that, clear and sunny weather will be the most suitable one to find a Turtwig.

3. Complete Specific Research Task

If you can’t find a Turtwig yourself in Pokemon Go, there is also an alternate option to get it, which is by completing a specific research task in the game. For Turtwig, you will need to get the “Make 5 Great Throws” Research Task done. 

This Research Task will probably reward Turtwig, especially those players who do not have any grassy area in their surroundings or who do not live in a location where the weather is clear and sunny. 

For such players, the “Make 5 Great Throws” Research Task comes with Pokemon like Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig as rewards on completion. So, if you are lucky enough, you might get the one you are looking for. 

You can obtain this research task by spinning several PokeStops as every day a new task is available at each PokeStop you spin. All you need is a free slot so that you can pick up the research, so, if you get all your slots filled up, you will either have to complete one or trash if any of them is unwanted. 

Wrap Up

These were the three major ways how to get a Turtwig in Pokemon Go, and if you follow our methodology on this, it won’t take you much longer before you catch a Turtwig for yourself and then become its trainer, after all, you would also want to evolve it into Grotle using your 25 candies and then further into Torterra with 100 candies, right?

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