Best Moveset For Gigalith Pokemon Go

Do you want to know the best Moveset for Gigalith in Pokemon Go that will be quite helpful for you to win whichever battle you use it for? Of course, this will apply only to Pokemon that are weak against this Rock Type, but using the top moves of a Pokemon is a must. 

The best Moveset for Gigalith in Pokemon Go include Mud Slap and Smack Down as the fast moves. Among the charged attacks, the best moves are Rock Slide, Heavy Slam, Meteor Beam, Solar Beam, and Rock Slide. Keep reading if you want to know about each of them in detail. 

Battling other Pokemon is one of the greatest aspects of Pokemon Go. And, if you know the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon that belongs to you as well as the opponent, the chances of your victory increase to a great extent. How will you probably have an upper hand during a fight if you don’t even know the best moves your Pokemon possesses?

If you are planning to use a Gigalith for your upcoming battle in Pokemon Go, you should definitely check out the best Moveset for Gigalith Pokemon Go. 

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What Are The Best Moveset For Gigalith Pokemon Go?

The Movesets of every Pokemon you use include the moves of two kinds. While some of them are charged attacks, others are the fast ones. 

The role of Fast attacks is to deal a small amount of damage which also helps in powering up a charged attack that you can then use on your opponent, so, it is necessary to be aware of both these kinds of Movesets of your Pokemon. 

Let us discuss both the Fast Moves and the Charged Moves which are the best among all for a Gigalith to use in a Battle in Pokemon Go. 

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Best Gigalith Fast Moves Pokemon Go

1. Mud Slap 

This is a Ground Type move that uses 2.6 energy for a turn and causes 11 damage. On a unit basis, it causes 1.5 damage per turn. 

2. Smack Down

This is a Rock Type of move that can cause 12 damage using 2.6 energy per turn. On a unit basis, it does 4 damage per turn. 

Best Gigalith Charged Moves Pokemon Go

1. Heavy Slam

This is a Steel Type Move that inflicts 70 damage with 50 energy

2. Rock Slide

This is a Rock Type of Move that inflicts 75 damage with 45 energy

3. Solar Beam

This is a Grass Type of Move that inflicts 160 damage with 80 energy

4. Meteor Beam

This is another Rock Type of Move that has the capacity to cause 120 damage with 60 energy and gives a 100% guarantee to increase the attack of the player by one rank. 

5. Superpower

This one is a Fighting Type Move that can cause 5 damage with 40 energy and is a move that has a 100% chance of decreasing the attack and defense of the user by one rank. 

Best Combinations Of Movesets of Gigalith In Pokemon

Here are some of the best combinations of Movesets that a Gigalith can have in Pokemon Go in the order of most effective to least effective. 

Offensive Movesets

1. Smack Down, Solar Beam – 100%

2. Smack Down, Rock Slide – 99%

3. Smack Down, Heavy Slam – 94%

4. Mud Slap, Rock Slide – 94%

5. Smack Down, Superpower – 92%

6. Mud Slap, Solar Beam – 89%

7. Mud Slap, Heavy Slam – 86%

8. Mud Slap, Superpower – 86%

Defensive Movesets

1. Mud slap, Solar Beam – 100%

2. Mud Slap, Rock Slide – 93%

3. Smack Down, Solar Beam – 93%

4. Smack Down, Rock Slide – 91%

5. Mud Slap, Superpower – 87%

6. Smack Down, Superpower – 87%

7. Smack Down, Heavy Slam – 83% 

8. Mud Slap, Heavy Slam – 81%

Wrap Up

Now that you know properly about all the best Moveset for Gigalith Pokemon Go, it is going to be quite easy for you to use this Rock Type of Pokemon for the upcoming battles where you will be able to use the right moves of this Pokemon at the right moment to beat your opponent without much effort on your side.

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