8 Best Car Games on Roblox

Racing games have always been a fan favorite and most importantly car racing games. Such games are competitive and adventurous and let you be what you want. The thrill of racing and chasing with no danger of crashing is what attracts those who are unable to enjoy that thrill in real. These games even let you customize or upgrade your vehicle which gives a more personal experience to the players. 

 Roblox has been popular for amazing car games for a long time and if you are a car racing enthusiast and speed fascinates you, then you must take a look at some exciting car games chosen for you.

Following are some of the best car games on Roblox

  1. Drift Paradise 
  2. Heavy Clutch 
  3. Vehicle Simulator 
  4. Driving Empire
  5. Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands
  6. Jailbreak 
  7. Midnight Racing: Tokyo 
  8. Hot Wheels Open World 

Read about these games in detail if you want that thrill and pace in life with a car racing adventure, especially for those who love such games.

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8 best car games on Roblox 

Drift Paradise

A Roblox Game product, Drift Paradise is an adventure game that provides you with the enthralling experience of racing and drifting. The stunning car models can attract you but the gameplay can be challenging for even serious players. You can choose from various maps with different difficulties to provide and you can even upgrade your car so that it drifts better. 

The screeching tires, the enthusiastic players, the rising smoke, and the engine sounds provide a very realistic experience for the players. 

Heavy Clutch 

Heavy Clutch is an amazing game to practice and improve your drifting skills which would one day definitely lead you to become the ultimate drift king. The player can roam freely around the map and actually enjoy drifting rather than racing.

There is an amazingly cool feature like the cool cars in the heavy clutch, the player has the liberty to customize their own car with whatever feature they want to add and submit the new customized car design to be published for their own personal use.

Vehicle Simulator 

Winning a race by reaching the top is fun but you know what is more fun? Being able to perform cool crazy car stunts we love to watch in movies. This adventure genre allows you to choose from different vehicles and become a master at driving them. The player needs to learn about the controls to pull off those stunts. 

There is an availability of car customization and you can customize your best car for use. The goal is to become the master of steering and of course, win the race against your opponents.

Driving Empire 

A game that lets you enjoy driving more than competing, Driving Empire gives you a huge map to explore and drive as much as you like. There is a huge selection of cars to choose from and the player can increase their collection of vehicles. There are a lot of car adventures from racing to just driving which lets you do whatever you want to try with your car. Single or multiplayer mode is the player’s own choice and this game is not limited to just cars but the player can choose from any vehicle of their liking. 

Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands

One of the early games provided by Roblox, Ultimate Driving still enjoys the same popularity among the fans even now. The game gives you much more than just car racing. Your role in the game depends on the type of vehicle you choose to start the gameplay. 

If you choose a police car, then be prepared to search around and arrest criminals. If the fire truck fascinates you, then your duty as a firefighter is activated. This is a fun game with role-playing elements.


An unexpected twist in the gameplay makes it unique from the rest. The game initiates with your choice to either plan a heist or prevent the criminals from running away. You can make your best team which will either raid or commit the ultimate robbery. 

The police will have the required tools for arresting the criminals but there is another twist if the police play dirty cop by arresting or killing too many innocent prisoners then the police will become the prisoner. The game, if played with friends, is even more fun and together with your teammates, you can plan the heist or carry a raid.

Midnight Racing Tokyo 

The beautiful creation of the Japanese culture in the game, Midnight Racing: Tokyo lets you customize your own car with special features and drive around the recreated Tokyo at night. Racing through Tokyo in the dark and late-night drifting provides the ultimate pleasure. The Japanese automobile addition and the Japanese culture make the game unique and more interesting.

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Hot Wheels Open World 

You do not deserve to be called a car racing fan if you are unaware of this toy brand. The wonderful childhood experience of playing with these amazing toy cars is still irreplaceable.

Hot Wheels Open World gives you a similar online experience to your favorite toy cars and makes you reminiscent of your past joys. The car designs in the games are taken from the franchise itself. The fans of high speed can enjoy this game and those more interested in collecting cool cars will also enjoy the game.    

Wrap Up

The amount of thrill and adventure in car racing games keeps the player on the edge throughout the race and this is the reason behind the immense popularity of car racing games and Roblox. If you want to enjoy this thrill, feel the excitement of the chase, and be the ultimate racing champion, then these games on the list will be perfect for you.

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