How To Limit FPS In Skyrim | Best & Easy Steps

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is approximately 9 years old. But it’s an extremely played open-world game available.

Everyone is concerning about how to limit FPS in Skyrim.

Skyrim lets you experience an expansive area full of dragons and gigantic and many other creatures. It’s extremely frustrating when your fun is destroyed because your graphics are flapping all across the board.

Limiting your FPS on Skyrim may be the best solution.

How to Limit FPS in Skyrim and Why Cap FPS in Skyrim?

You may be wondering why you would ever put any restrictions on a game such as Skyrim?

Since the game is so large and complex, it could cause problems on various PCs, according to Bethesda that a framerate that is higher than 60 FPS can cause issues with the game’s Physics.

Capping your framerate can also provide many benefits, for instance:

You can reduce the energy (battery) consumption
Reducing heat production (no more scorching your lap)
Noise reduction (the cooling fan isn’t running as fast)
Capping your frame rate is helpful for laptop users since it stops you from draining your battery and causing fire to your bottom. If your framerate typically fluctuates between 55 and 75, limiting it to 60 FPS can help you reduce the time you feel that you’re not getting any work done.

Setting a Hard Limit
Another option is setting a strict limit for the Nvidia Profile Inspector program.

Under the option of Sync and Refresh under the Sync and Refresh option, you will see the frame rate limiter. In this area, you can type the desired number by hand. If you enter 60 FPS, you’ll get 3C in the hex format; it’s okay.

Select Apply Changes in the upper right corner. Be aware that you’ll require an up-to-date version of the Nvidia profile inspector to use this. You can pick whether you set the limit for each program individually or as a general limit.

Click on The Elder Scrolls V as your selection if you’re hoping to end Skyrim with nothing else.

It is also possible to turn on the VSYNC feature in your game.

If you’ve got VSYNC switched on, you don’t need to set a cap manually as well.

There’s also a setting available in the menu in the game that lets you switch to Frame Limiter. Frame Limiter for any FPS you’d like.

Do you need to increase your FPS?

The art of limiting FPS within Skyrim is only one piece of the puzzle for many gamers.

If you own a monster of desktop computers and would like to test how your game performs in full force, you might want to consider an upgrade.

A Modder named SlavicPotato has released the Elder Scrolls V refresh rate unlocking mod, which allows players to play games with higher framerates.

This is an unwise choice since you require your computer to perform many additional tasks. If you’re confident that your computer can handle it, then try it out.

The best part about the mod is that it runs within the background. The service will update your game’s refresh rate from 60 Hz to 300 Hz.

Other Method to Limit Skyrim FPS

Use Nvidia inspector
The profile inspector for -start
Choose to use a global profile or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and such and so on
Under Sync and Refresh
-frame rate limiter 60

Turn off Vsync (fast) in the Nvidia driver and switch on vsync inside the game. (unless your display isn’t 60+Hz. The display on your monitor is not 60+ Hz. try the sync.)

Wrapping Up

While Skyrim can run at more than 60 FPS, most players ought to be cautious about playing the game for too long. In the end, Bethesda developers suggest against this. Even with a top PC, you may have a myriad of issues with the game’s engine for physics.

If you’re looking to eliminate all issues, We suggest limiting your refresh speed to 60.

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