How Much Candy You Need To Evolve Roggenrola In Pokemon Go?

As soon as the Community Day in Pokemon Go arrives, players are getting ready to catch and evolve Roggenrola. As this event is ideal for catching Roggenrola and its evolved form. How will you evolve it?

You have two options for its Evolution. By Trading or Candies. These are the most basic methods for evolving any Pokemon. The same goes for Roggenrola also. If you don’t want to evolve it by trading, then you can use candies for it. But the question is, “How much candy you need to evolve Roggenrola”?

You need a maximum of 250 candies for a complete evolution of the Roggenrola. In short, if you obtain flawless shiny Roggenrola and you don’t want to trade it, then evolving it into flawless shiny Gigalith will cost a staggering 250 Candy.

More information on its candies, evolution, and many more will be revealed to you later in this entire article. So, don’t stop here, read the full article till the end.

How Much Candy do You Need To Evolve Roggenrola?

You need 50 Candies to evolve Roggenrola into Boldore and 200 candies to evolve Boldore into Gigalith. This is the simple method for the evolution of Roggenrola

Other than this, you can also evolve it by trading. In Pokemon Go, Boldore grows by trade, thus if you can trade with a friend, you won’t need any additional Roggenrola candies.

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How Can You Collect Candies For Roggenrola Evolution?

You will have three hours to collect as much Roggenrola Candy as you can during the Community Day Event in September, which runs from 2 to 5 P.M (local time). If you don’t wanna trade it, then by using Candies you can evolve it into shiny Gigalith. So, collecting candies is the main aspect of its evolution. 

Another way of collecting candies is by using Pinap Berries. In order to double the amount of candy you receive for catching each Pokemon, utilize Pinap Berries and Silver Pinap Berries if you are in a pinch. This is in addition to the benefit offered by the event, which gives double catch Candy for all Pokemon captured during the event. 

You can also get candies with the help of Pokemon Aerodactyl. You will receive an astounding 13 Candies for each Roggenrola caught if you use either Pinap Berry or Mega Aerodactyl while playing.

When Will You Evolve Roggenrola?

If players decide to capture Roggenrola, they must raise it to level 25 before it may evolve into Boldore. Boldore then has to be traded with another Sword/Shield in order to evolve.

Where Will You Find Boldore?

Boldore can be found in the Galar Mines, which players must navigate in order to reach the opening Gym Battle. It could take some time to find because its appearance rate is 5%. Alternatively, it can be captured in the wild. The level 26 range is Boldore’s lowest. It may be found in the majority of the northern wildlands regions, including Giant’s Mirror, Stony Wilderness, and Giant’s Cap.

Where Will You Find Gigalith?

In the Dusky Bowl Regions of the Wild Lands, players may, with any luck, stumble upon Gigalith strolling around. Gigalith will start at level 51 unless all gym badges have been earned; in that case, it will start at level 60. Additionally, it has a possibility to show up as a 5-star boss in a Max Raid Dungeon in Dusky Bowl, Stony Wilderness, Rolling Fields, and Giant’s Seat.

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That’s all you need to know about the Roggenrola’s evolution to its last Pokemon, which is Gigalith. Trading is also an option for you to its evolution, but if you don’t want to trade, then by using candies you can evolve Roggenrola into its evolution Pokemon. The evolved forms of Roggenrola are Boldore, which requires 50 candies, and Gigalith, which requires 200 candies for evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Gigalith Mega Evolve?

When Epoch Gigalith uses the Epoch Giganite, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Epoch Gigalith.

How can you evolve pokemon by trading?

Certain Pokemon can evolve without Candy if they are acquired in a trade. A trade icon will appear next to the Evolve option on a Pokemon’s summary page if the Pokemon you caught is eligible for a trade. 

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