Is Tales Of Arise Multiplayer In 2022?

If you love to play action and adventure games then you must try out Tales of Arise where you will find both these genres. But, if you also have a squad behind you, then it is essential to check if Tales of Arise is multiplayer because if not, that will not be of use to you.

Get ready to be taken to the time somewhere between Dahna’s medieval world and Rena’s advanced world. Invasion, attacks, countering, you will find everything here and as the main character, you get to explore different maps, and take part in the battles. You will get to experience all of this in Tales of Arise.

The unfortunate part is that this exciting game Tales of Arise is not multiplayer. So, if you were really enticed by the gameplay, you will only be able to play it all alone. However, there is something you must know about the new mod of this game that is going to give you what you were anticipating.

Keep reading this article if you wish to attain some more information about Tales of Arise and its multiplayer feature availability.

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Is Tales Of Arise Multiplayer?

In the amazing game Tales of Arise, which is basically a fantasy role-playing game, the players will be given a Blazing Sword and they will have to fight the oppressors with the assistance of a girl who is enigmatic and untouchable. This is the realm of Dahna where the setting in the game is mostly natural with a great variety and you have a chance to discover and explore everything here. 

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Originally, Tales of Arise is a single-player video game, so if you get this game for yourself, you are not going to find the multiplayer feature over there. 

However, sometime after the release of the game, a mod for Tales of Arise was shared online which is a fully functional multiplayer feature where up to four players can jump into the gameplay altogether. 

Not only this, each of the players in the multiplayer option will be able to implement the Boost Attacks as well as change their character while they are flying in the game. In fact, the players are also allowed to customize their camera settings to experience the game in the way they want. 

Each participant gets to command their own character during combat. Make sure the leader of the party is given P1, the flag. 

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All players currently have access to boost attacks, which add a competitive element to the game. You can switch between characters during the fighting, though you’ll need to use the interface to do so because the game is still not entirely stable.

All controllers receive the same treatment outside of combat and are capable of controlling the game’s main character and navigating menus. This replicates the game’s basic behavior and enables passing the controller around for turn-taking.

The game Tales of Arise is supported on these platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. You can download this Tales of Arise Multiplayer Mod from Nexus Mods. 

Wrap Up

Hence, even though Tales of Arise doesn’t feature the multiplayer option, you have this new mod from Nexus Mods that you can use and play the game with your buddies with a team of up to four players in all. If there is any problem you are facing with this or any other game, you can share your doubts with us in the comments so that we shall assist you out of the trouble.

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