Is Bonelab Multiplayer In 2022?

Most of the players like to play adventurous and shooter games along with their friends, either against them or alongside them in a team. The same goes for the recently launched game Bonelab, which is an exciting shooter, fighting, and adventure game, but, the question is, is Bonelab multiplayer or not?

Shooter games are getting quite popular these days and you will find a lot of such games already launched out there, and just now, on September 29, 2022, a new such game has been added to this category, yes, we are talking about Bonelab which is a successor to Boneworks. Those who have played Boneworks, have already high hopes for Bonelab. 

The bad part is that just like Boneworks, the successor, Bonelab is also not available in the multiplayer mode. However, there might be other questions on your mind as well, like the co-op mode availability in Bonelab, the cost of Bonelab, or, if Bonelab is cross-platform. 

Any doubts that you have regarding this latest game Bonelab shall be covered right in this article, so just keep reading and find out all the necessary information regarding this. 

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Is Bonelab Multiplayer?

If you want to play a game that is designed with a series of discoveries and challenging experiments, then this latest game Bonelab is the best choice for you. The game has been released just a few days back and people are already in love with it, especially those players who loved to play its predecessor, Boneworks. 

Here, you play the role of a character who has been sentenced to death and is now trying to make an escape and subsequently finds an underground research facility. 

The games will provide you with more improved and polished realistic physics systems as compared to those of BONEWORKS. 

There is visceral VR combat in the game with exotic weapons and a variety of ranged, and melee. 

The best part about this game is that you do not have to stay in the skin of a single character throughout the game, you can customize your avatar and swap it on the go in the same gameplay. 

The genres of Bonelab involve adventure, fighting, as well as simulation, and on top of that, this one is a shooter game that increases its value. 

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After getting to know all this, any player would wish that this game were multiplayer or co op. And after playing the entire game Boneworks in single-player mode, the players really had very high aspirations from its successor to enjoy playing it with their friends. 

But, Stress Level Zero thrashed all the aspirations of the players who had long since been waiting for this. Even Bonelab is not available in multiplayer mode.

A large gaming population has been disappointed as a result of this and everyone knows that all the players wished this game to have a multiplayer mode. 

Thus, there is only one thing left with us, hope. The hope is that the developers of Bonelab will look into the matter and consider the views of the audience and soon improvise the game to add multiplayer mode in this. 

As we know that the game is newly released, and there would definitely be a lot of changes with time that will be made according to need. So, if the game gains quite a lot of popularity, who knows if the developers will consider adding the multiplayer mode into this game as well. 

Till then, you will just need to compromise with the single player mode of the game, which is actually not that bad. You can just keep checking your progress as well as your friends to decide who is better at this game and hope for the developers to add a multiplayer option soon into this game. 

Wrap Up

That was all about whether or not is Bonelab multiplayer. There is no need to be sad, as you might have noticed that there are certain games that were originally available in single player mode alone but, with time, as the player requested, the developers included a multiplayer feature as well, who knows the same happens to Bonelab as well, so, just keep your approach positive and enjoy the most out of this game.

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