Is Shatterline Crossplay?

The Crossplay feature is rapidly becoming so common and important that this is one of the first things that players look for whenever a new game is launched or is about to launch. The same goes for the recently released game Shatterline. So, the question is, ‘Is Shatterline Crossplay or not?’. If you also wish to know the answer, you are at the right place. 

Shatterline is an early access Free To Play video game. The game belongs to the Action genre and is massively multiplayer which makes this game quite interesting. The gameplay is also good and people are already liking it, which is why the crossplay feature is highly anticipated by almost all the players of this game. 

The developers have finally announced that the game Shatterline is going to be crossplay as soon as it gets released for the consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. So, you don’t need to worry about this and just wait for the games to roll out for all the platforms and then you can enjoy it with your friends. 

We know that there are many other things you need to find out, like, which platforms will support crossplay for Shatterline, and more, so just keep reading if you want to get all the answers. 

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What Are Crossplay Games?

Crossplay or Cross-platform feature has become very important ever since different companies started producing their own consoles. 

Simply said, crossplay refers to the ability of a game, app, or piece of software to function across a variety of platforms without additional user effort. Because of this, you can practically immediately download and start playing Fortnite on both your PC and Android tablet.

Since it is obvious that you and your friends won’t be having the same gaming consoles, the crossplay feature makes it easy for you to enjoy online multiplayer or cooperative games with each other without stressing over the fact that someone’s console doesn’t support the game.

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Is Shatterline Crossplay?

While waiting for a console release, gamers are talking a lot about Shatterline crossplay. Even while a keyboard and mouse seem like the ideal devices for a quick-paced shooter like this, we wonder what other players can accomplish using a gamepad. Players matching up across various platforms might be a huge boost for the community, if it is well-balanced.

Well, there are rumors that the Shatterline full-release version will support cross-platform play. All Shatterline console users will finally have access to this feature when the full version of the game is released in 2023; the developer, Frag Lab LLC, will make all the necessary announcements regarding the console release of the game and cross-platform play platform leaks sooner.

The developer of Shatterline, Dajolie has recently responded to a Reddit question regarding whether or not will Shatterline be crossplay and in reply, he has confirmed that Shatterline will have the crossplay feature. However, he has not yet confirmed the exact dates for the same. 

However, we have a strong assumption that this is going to happen within the year 2023, so, you will have to wait for it a little. 

But, for now, only knowing this much is more than enough that Shatterline will be crossplay on all the platforms it releases for, so, there is nothing to worry about. 

As soon as Shatterline gets released for all consoles, you can play this action game with your best friends in the massive multiplayer mode even if they are using a different platform from yours.

The early access game version of Shatterline is currently only available for PC users through the steam deck and GeForce Now, since the PS5 and Xbox release of the game is only scheduled for 2023 February.

Wrap Up

So, now you know that the new game Shatterline will soon be released for other players apart from those using PC, and after that, no matter which platform you and your friends are on, you will easily be able to play it in the massive multiplayer mode and enjoy the gameplay on their PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox. If there is any other new game that you want to know about regarding its crossplay features or something else, you can share it with us in the comments and we shall soon reach out to you with the answer.

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