The Perfect Street Sweeper Warzone Loadout

As of now, one of the best shotguns in COD: Warzone is Street Sweeper. It was featured in season one of the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. If you are a gamer who mostly deals with short-range fights, you need to follow this Street Sweeper Warzone Loadout.

Talking about the weapons, there are a number of guns available in Call of Duty: Warzone. But there’s no doubt in saying that Street Sweeper is among the strongest ones. Its basic version is so strong. So, imagine what if you follow a proper loadout. You can really do well in a battle royale by amazing your enemies.

Proceeding with the loadout, we first start with equipping the right attachments which include agency choke(muzzle), 13.3″ reinforced heavy(underbarrel), ember sighting point(laser),  and a STANAG 18 Rnd(Mag). 

It doesn’t end here, so, go through the complete article to get better clarity of what these attachments are and why these are chosen for Street Sweeper.

This Street Sweeper Warzone Loadout is Hilarious!

You need to unlock the weapon before you pick it up and enter the match. To unlock the street sweeper, you have to do a minimum of 3 kills in 15 different matches. But there’s one condition, you have to play 15 matches without dying. 

Is Street Sweeper Good for Warzone?

Yes, a street sweeper is absolutely amazing in Warzone. As said, with a proper loadout mentioned above, you can actually convert it into a beast and play matches in Warzone.

Best Street Sweeper (CW) Loadout

MuzzleDuckbill Choke
Barrel13.7” Extended
StockWire Stock
LaserSWAT 5mw Laser Sight
MagazineSTANAG 18 RND Drum

Best Attachments for Street Sweeper

Muzzle: Agency Choke

Barrel: 13.3″ Reinforced Heavy

Stock: Wire Stock

Laser: Ember Sighting Point

Magazine: STANAG 18 RND Drum


These are the attachments you should use for Street Sweeper in a warzone. The main reason for adding agency choke is because it increases damage range. 

The 13.3″ Reinforced Heavy barrel helps with effective damage range and fire rate. We have added the wire stock as it helps in a sprint to fire time and Ember Sighting Point for better hip-fire accuracy. 

Image Credit: PrestigeIsKey

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