How To Win Battles In Pokemon Go?

Do you always try hard to win battles in Pokemon Go but still lose at the end? That must be because you haven’t been provided the proper guidance and strategy for beating your opponent. But, we do not want to see you on the defeating side anymore, so, here we are, to help you win every battle you take part in. 

To win battles in Pokemon Go, you should first choose the strongest Pokemon from your list which are most suitable as per the opponent’s Pokemon Type. Then, you need to use the best and most powerful Charged and Fast Attacks during the battles. Do not forget to use the Protech Shield and switch your Pokemon whenever required. 

The most important part of the gameplay of Pokemon Go is battling our Pokemon with the opponents to advance further in the game, and if you are still not capable of winning the battles, you are lagging in the game. 

If you also want to win all the battles you participate in with your Pokemon in Pokemon Go, then carefully read this article to understand the right way to battle in the game. 

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How To Win Battles In Pokemon Go?

You might already be aware that just taking part in friendly battles with friends and other trainers in Pokemon Go provides both the players with amazing awards, but if you also win this battle, the benefit would be much better, because you will get one of the three medals, Master League Veteran, Ultra League Veteran, or Great League Veteran. 

So, everyone obviously wants to be the winner of the battle they participate in. So would be you, right? However, not everyone wins the battles in Pokemon Go which because of the lack of preparation and awareness of the strategies that the players can use in the game. 

If you want to win all the battles from now onwards, you must have your Pokemon well-equipped with the Charged, Attacks, Fast Attacks, and Protect Shields, and know when is the right time to switch your Pokemon to minimize the incoming damage while maximizing the damage output. 

First, you have to throw some good Fast Attacks at the opponent during which the Charged Attack meter of your Pokemon will get some time to recharge. To use the Fast Attack, you just need to tap anywhere on the screen during the battle. 

Once your Charged Attack is ready, you can tap on the button that is meant for the charged attack. This will also display different types of symbols on the screen in a pattern and you need to tap and drag your finger along with those symbols on the screen which will strengthen your Charged Attack. 

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Alternatively, you can also wait a little more while making the fast attacks so that your charged attack gets an additional attempt with the recharge as a result of which you will be able to make two charged attacks consecutively, therefore, inflicting much more damage to the opposing Pokemon. 

While you are focusing on Attacking the opponent, it is also necessary to consider the defending side. Each time your opponent has initiated a Charged Attack, you can defend your Pokemon with the help of a Protect Shield. 

Since the number of Protect Shields given in a battle is limited, you need to use them in the best way possible. 

If you want to avoid the impact of super-effective attacks from your opponent, the best way to do so is by switching your Pokemon. Make sure that you switch your Pokemon as quickly as you can otherwise you will keep losing HP because the opponent will continue to attack even when you are switching the Pokemon. 

Apart from all these things, there is one most important factor that decides whether or not you will win the battle, and it is your choice of Pokemon for the battle. You must be very careful about which Pokemon you are picking for a battle depending on who is the opponent. Also, use the best Charged and Fast move sets of the Pokemon you are using for the battle to make it through. 

Wrap Up

If you consider all these aspects of a battle and work on each of them without ignoring a single thing, then no one will ever be able to stop you from winning the battles in Pokemon Go. However, for this to become possible, you must first get a really good collection of Pokemon from all types so that you can always be ready for whichever battle comes your way.

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