7 Best RPG For GameCube

Nintendo in itself is a masterpiece and so is its home video game console GameCube. Role-playing games let you live an imaginary life that you always desire. GameCube has an amazing selection of a variety of games with fiction and fantasy at their best.

The storyline, the combat, the environment, and your companions are what make a role-playing game perfect. These games let you be a hero that you can only dream about in real life. We present to you some fascinating role-playing games for GameCube that you must try if this is your favorite genre. 

Following are the best RPG for GameCube

  1. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 
  2. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
  3. Skies of Arcadia Legends. 
  4. Lost Kingdoms 
  5. Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
  6. Pokemon Colosseum 
  7. Tales of Symphonia

See more details of these best RPG games for GameCube and choose your favorite adventure and role to play. 

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7 best RPG for GameCube

  1. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 

The game is an important part of the huge Mario franchise. Princess Peach is taken hostage by an extraterrestrial race known as the X-Nauts when Mario and Princess Peach become entangled in the hunt for a mysterious portal that holds immense fortune. Mario then sets out to retrieve the treasure and rescue the princess.

The game is well known for its special combat, the turn-based battle system which makes the game more engaging. A maximum of seven characters can be introduced to the player’s group; one member is always with Mario and can be changed at any time over the course of the game. Each character possesses a unique set of skills, a few of which are necessary to complete puzzles.

  1. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
best RPG for GameCube- Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Character stats are determined at the start of the game, and the player can select one of three race/class pairings: a human archer Vahn, a dwarven fighter Kromlech, or an elf sorceress Adrianna. Every one of the three main characters has a distinct fighting style as well as a varied collection of spells and abilities. Each character has a unique gameplay strategy.

Only one spot can be used to buy weapons, armor, and other stuff at once, and as the game goes on, these items get more pricey and potent. The person who makes the kill receives 60% of the experience points in co-op mode, while the other receives 40%. The person who gathers any gold drops receives 100% of the entire value, while the other player receives nothing.

  1. Skies of Arcadia Legends. 
best RPG for GameCube-Skies of Arcadia Legends. 

Skies of Arcadia Legends is a better version of Skies of Arcadia with better in almost every aspect. On their quest, two young pirates named Vyse and Aika come across Fina, an intriguing young girl. They choose to go with her on her mission to collect six moon crystals. Fina didn’t seem to be the only person searching for those crystals, either. 

Galcian, an ambitious sorcerer, and his admirals, who control the terrible Valuan empire, would stop at nothing to prevent Fina and her heroic comrades from escaping. The game includes a lot of adventure and heroic fights. The game’s GameCube edition features some enhanced graphics and additional side quests. This adventure takes you anywhere and everywhere. 

  1. Lost Kingdoms 
best RPG for GameCube-Lost Kingdoms 

Argwyll, princess Katia’s kingdom is overtaken by the fog. The king, Katia’s father, ultimately went outside to deal with the dangerous poison after the fog had been haunting the area for a long period. However, Katia quickly departs to locate her father as he didn’t come home in a while.

Katia is provided with runestone, a special element that allows her to use the unique magic cards to battle against the monsters. There is an exciting storyline in the game with many twists and turns. The game has unique combat with card battles to provide the gamers with something different and wonderful. 

  1. Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
best RPG for GameCube- Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

The name is enough to catch the attention of this fiction lovers. The game is a loose adaptation of the popular movie trilogy with an exciting turn-based gameplay and stunning graphics. The player must complete a variety of Quests to advance to further areas. The player is permitted to choose their combat actions from the battle menu during each battle.

The “Perfect Mode” of combat is another important element of the game. The player’s momentum meter will fill when they successfully strike the opponent. Any party member can choose “Perfect Mode” from the menu to launch a more potent attack when it is fully charged. “Evil Mode”, which allows you to command Sauron’s army against the game’s heroes, is one of the game’s most distinctive elements.

  1. Pokemon Colosseum 
best RPG for GameCube-Pokemon Colosseum 

This 3D role-playing game allows the player to control a Pokemon trainer, Wes, who battles rival trainers and accomplishes various tasks. In this turn-based battle, the player’s and their rival’s pokemon fight. Although the player initiates the game with only two Pokemon, more are acquired as the game develops by snatching them from other trainers with Poke Balls of varying potencies. 

In the “Quick battle” mode, the player can use Pokemon they’ve earned through the story mode or those that have been randomly allocated to them to battle the AI trainers or friends. In this mode, there are no experience points or financial rewards for winning battles.

  1. Tales of Symphonia
best RPG for GameCube- Tales of Symphonia

The game revolves around Lloyd Irving and his companions in the fictional Sylvarant. 

Colette Brunel, a friend since long, who is chosen to embark on a mission to preserve their world, travels with Lloyd. During combat, four of the party characters are chosen to battle and are controlled by both AI and the player.

Tales of Symphonia has an exciting battle system and some adorable characters. The relationships in the game are also important as some specific decisions can affect the other characters’ thinking about Lloyd, affecting the relationship with that character. Enjoy this amazing roleplay and have fun with friends.

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Wrap Up

Some of the best RPGs for GameCube are enlisted above which will let you appreciate unique and wonderful gameplay with some amazing and heroic storylines. Packed with action and varied skills, these games are perfect for you. 

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