What Is A Mystery Box and How To Get it In Pokemon Go?

As the first brand-new Pokemon to appear outside of the mainline games, Meltan and its evolution, generated a lot of buzzes when they were originally released. So, many trainers naturally desire to catch one. If you are genuinely willing to catch Meltan, then you must be aware of this fact, that catching Meltan requires a mystery box. If yes, then here today we will guide you first, on how to get a mystery box in pokemon go. 

Trainers must connect their Pokemon Home and Nintendo Accounts in order to get a mystery box. This is so that users of the service Pokemon Home, which enables players to move Pokemon between games in the franchise, can take advantage of a promotion that involves mystery boxes.

Wait!! The whole answer does not end here. You will get to know more about the mystery box and Meltan evolution, later in the article. If you don’t want to miss out on any information about it, then reading the entire article is a must for you guys.

What Is A Mystery Box In Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, a unique item known as the Mystery box makes the mythical pokemon Meltan momentarily visible in the wild. A Pokemon from Pokemon Go can be sent to Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, or Pokemon HOME to receive the Mystery Box.

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How To Get Mystery Box In Pokemon Go?

In order to be eligible for the mystery box, players must use Pokemon Home to transfer at least one Pokemon. Following are the steps to transfer a Pokemon into Pokemon Home, and able to get a mystery box.

  • Start Pokemon Go
  • Click on the Pokeball icon
  • Choose Pokemon Home
  • Select your Nintendo Account to link
  • Enter the password for your Nintendo Account
  • For those who don’t already have one, creating an account on Nintendo’s website first
  • Players should be able to send Pokemon to Pokemon Home after linking their credentials
  • Choose a Pokemon to send to Pokemon Home by selecting the “Send Pokemon Option”.
  • This need not be a player’s best pick; it could be any Pokemon they currently have.
  • Trainers should get a surprise box after submitting their Pokemon to Pokemon Home.

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What Is The Importance Of Mystery Box In Pokemon Go?

Now when you are able to get the mystery box, then get ready to catch some Meltan. Yes, trainers have the chance to catch Meltan for 60 minutes after using the mystery box by activating it. The player can find Meltan in the wild and capture it by using the box as a lure or incense item to entice Meltan towards them. 

At What Time You Can Use The Mystery Box?

Pokemon Go trainers should respond to their mystery box as soon as feasible. Because there is a time to use the mystery box, if that time has expired, then you must wait for three more days in activating another mystery box.

How Does Mystery Box Help Meltan?

Trainers may wish to designate Meltan as their buddy Pokemon if they have captured it and are unable to obtain extra boxes for candy. By doing this, the companion should be able to collect Meltan candy as the player moves around.

Although earning candy is more labor-intensive than using mystery boxes, it will eventually allow trainers to transform their Meltan into the powerful Melmetal.

What Do You Need To Evolve Meltan Into Melmetal?

Your next objective in Pokemon Go will probably be obtaining Melmetal once you have Meltan. Meltan can truly turn into Melmetal with the correct equipment, unlike all other Mythical creatures who can not evolve. It takes 400 Meltan Candy in total to evolve it into Melmetal, which is a difficult task.

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That’s how getting a mystery box is crucial. Using mystery boxes and capturing as many Meltan as you can at all times is the greatest strategy to stock up on Meltan Candy. Just follow the above steps to get the mystery box and add Meltan to your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meltan can only catch from the mystery box in pokemon go?

There are three main ways to catch Meltan in Pokemon Go:

  • Special Research Story Let’s Go Meltan
  • Mystery Box
  • Event Tasks such as Pokemon ECG Crossover Event

When will be the shiny Meltan available?

When utilizing mystery boxes ordinarily, Shiny Meltans do not spawn, but during the fifth-anniversary event, Shiny Meltans will be available.

What are the tips for catching shiny Meltan?

  • Explore the game world until you come upon shiny Meltan
  • If you come across a non-shiny Meltan, move on and look for another. As you only have 60 minutes every three days to catch them; don’t squander your time.
  • Since, we don’t want it to escape, be sure to have plenty of the greatest Pokeball varieties on hand.
  • To prevent a shiny Meltan from escaping before you can catch it, use Berries when you find one.

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