7 Best Superhero Skin Combos In Fortnite

Fortnite is a popular survival, battle royale game. The game ensures the survival of the fittest as various players fight to be the last to live. The gameplay, the fighting, and surviving mode, and the dangers in the world are all that make the game impressive and loved by almost all who play it. However, another important feature that adds to the popularity of the game is character customization.

The superhero skins of the characters have made the game more interesting, attractive, and even more famous than it was. The players are allowed to customize the character skins and can combine them with other game items to make them unique and their performance, even more effective. There is a huge variety to choose your customization from as there are many popular superhero elements in the skins.

Purple and White, Full white, Purple skin, White and Pink, Black and Yellow are some of the best Superhero Skin Combos in Fortnite you can customize or learn about even more such combos from professional game streamers.

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7 Best Superhero Skin Combos

Following are the 7 best Superhero Skin Combos in Fortnite

  1. Black and Yellow with Gold Crow
  2. Purple and White with Stun Rod
  3. White and Pink with Bold Bar
  4. Full White with Candy Axe
  5. Black and Turquoise with Icebreaker 
  6. Full Purple with Star Wand
  7. Full Orange with Hot Dogger

Know more details about these superhero skin combos before customizing your character.

  1. Black and Yellow with Gold Crow

Seeing this might bring THAT Wolverine image in front of your eyes but no, the character looks nothing like that. The black and yellow superhero skin combo is well-known among players and even looks nice. Pairing this superhero skin combo with Gold Crow makes it even better. This will surely become a pleasing outfit for your character.

  1. Purple and White with Stun Rod

You might not be much aware of this combo but this is a better option. The Purple and White is a beautiful and pleasing Superhero Skin and if you use it with the Stun Rod, perfect. The Stun Rod Pickaxe is a great choice and matches wonderfully with the skin color, making this superhero skin combo perfectly balanced in almost every aspect of the character player.

  1. White and Pink with Bold Bar

This color combination might be debatable for several players but it definitely looks great once you customize it. Though there is less usage of this skin combo, maybe that’s what makes it unique. Pairing the White and Pink Superhero Skin with Bold Bar is a perfect combination as both of these together are a pretty match. Both the equipment and skin color are similar and can make good customization.

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  1. Full White with Candy Axe

Now, this is a sweet combination because it is literally sweet. Released during the holiday period, Candy Axe became really popular among players. The complete white superhero skin might sound off but it matches perfectly with the special Candy Axe and make the combination, wonderful. Customizing your character this way would make it simple and sweet. We assure you, this is a great combo.

  1. Black and Turquoise with Icebreaker 

Must have heard of Thor’s Stormbreaker, this one here is an Icebreaker. It might look like a shovel, however, the combination is good. Black and Turquoise Superhero Skin is an amazing combination and even looks great and when you pair it with the Icebreaker, it’s awesome. Give a try to this amazing Superhero Skin Combo and perform well. 

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  1. Full Purple with Star Wand

No, the skin doesn’t look tacky as it sounds, it’s actually good. The Star Wand is one of the best tools present in the game or as you say, it is the Sweatiest pickaxe. And using this sweaty tool with complete purple superhero skin improves it and makes the combo amazing. This superhero skin combo looks insanely amazing and thus, you must try this for better results. 

  1. Full Orange with Hot Dogger

This sounds like a raging outfit and it even is. The skin color will give your character a fire glow and is a perfect match. A Hot Dogger also goes well with this skin combo and appears as a part of this superhero skin The Hot Dogger is a kickass tool and combining it with complete orange superhero skin is great. If you want your superhero skin to shine, you can even use Oro Soul at the back. 

Wrap Up 

Superhero Skin Combos in Fortnite are as important as other aspects of the game. The game is already popular but allowing the players to choose from numerous superhero customization options makes the game better and the player characters attractive. You can go through these superhero skin combos or customize the one you prefer. 

Image Credits: Kyro

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