How To Get More Room Card in Pubg Mobile? | Free Vs Paid Methods

Do you want to play Pubg 1v1 with your friends but don’t have any room cards? Well, a room card can be bought by paying money and it can be redeemed for free of cost. 

Some professional gamers don’t take much time to buy room card in Pubg with UC. For them, it’s an investment. But for people like us who don’t want to spend our earnings on a game, we will always prefer to get a room card in Pubg for free.

There are several tips and tricks to get 1 day as well as 7 days unlimited Pubg room card. However, I have listed both paid and free methods of getting it.

Best Way To Get More Room Card in Pubg Mobile

In Pubg Mobile, a room card is basically used to create customs where you can invite and play with your friends. 

Before starting the tutorial, let’s discuss the types of room cards in Pubg Mobile and their uses. Also, you must know that no one can either sell, share or gift the room card to friends. Pubg Mobile doesn’t allow us to do so. 

Types of Room Cards

  • Room Card: 1 Use

It grants only one room creation

  • Room Card: 1 Day

Grants unlimited room creation for one day

  • Room Card: 7 Day

It is an unlimited advance room card in Pubg that grants unlimited room creation for seven days.

  • Advanced Room Card: 1 Use

Use this room card once with advanced settings.

  • Advanced Room Card: 7 Use

You can use this card 7 times with advanced settings.

How To Buy Room Card in Pubg With UC

This is the paid method to buy any room card in Pubg Mobile. The price of all room cards is as follows.

For “Advanced Room Card: 1 Use”, the price is 100Uc while 500Uc for Advanced Room Card: 7 Use. The price can vary in different countries.

To buy a room card, open your game, click shop> treasures.

Redeem Room Card for Free in Pubg Mobile

There are some prerequisites to redeem room cards for free of cost. 

To get a normal 1-time use room card, you may not require UC, but to get advanced room cards, a Royal Pass might be required.

If you want to create a room only for one time, then you can easily get it from the clan shop. To do so, you must be a member of any clan with level 2 or above.

  • Open your Pubg Mobile Game
  • Go to Clan shop from the menu
  • Tap on the room card and buy it for a specified clan point.

Note: Once you get a one-time room card, you can redeem another only after ten days.

For 1 day and 7 days advanced room card, you can get it by completing RP missions in Pubg Mobile.

Pubg Mobile rolls out a new season every 2 months. And every time, they offer one or two-room cards. But to get them, you have to complete missions.

How To Use A Room Card

To use a room card in Pubg, 

  • Go to your Pubg Mobile home screen.
  • Go to the section where to set maps.
  • You’ll see a “room” option there. Click it.
  • Now select “create room”.
  • You’ll see available room cards, select the one you want to use.
  • Choose your room name and set a password if you want.
  • Once you enter the room, choose a specific map and mode from the top section.
  • Invite players and enjoy playing with them.

As already mentioned, you can either buy or redeem a free room card. As for me, the best way to collect room cards in Pubg is by completing RP missions.

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