How To Use The Camera In Pokemon Go? New AR Snapshot Feature

Just be ready to show your photography skills to the gaming world. People who are fond of photography in real life will definitely want to know everything about it. So, without making you wait longer let me tell you that Pokemon Go has now been updated with its new reality camera feature which is called “Go Snapshot”.

By the way, whatever your style of photography in real life is, in pokemon go it is quite different. Or we can say that you always have to use some constant tips or steps for that. Now, let’s show you the way how to use the camera in pokemon go.

In order to use the camera in pokemon go, you must have to enable its AR mode first. To enable it simply follow the steps: Home>Settings App> Pokemon Go then change the camera switch from grey to green, then closed any recently opened apps, then reopen Pokemon Go.

If you want to learn everything about it in depth, including a step-by-step explanation of how to activate the camera, learn more about AR mode, and many more things. Then, all you have to do is that you read the article through to the conclusion.

How To Use The Camera In Pokemon Go?

The camera feature of Pokemon Go received an enhancement with the game’s first significant update of 2019. Pokemon photography is now significantly more interactive because of the new AR Snapshot feature. 

In order to use the AR Snapshot feature in pokemon go, you need to enable the camera permissions first. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open “Settings” 
  • Click on “Privacy” by scrolling down
  • Select “Camera’
  • Tap the button which is located to the right of the pokemon go to disable or enable camera permissions
  • In the final step, you need to turn on the camera

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What Is AR Snapshot?

With AR Snapshot, pokemon photography has become much more interactive than before. It lets users position their pokemon in the actual environment and tap them to get their attention and get them to pose as desired.

How Can You Take Pictures In Pokemon Go With AR Mode?

These are the steps by which you can take pictures of pokemon in pokemon go with AR Mode:

  • Find A Pokemon: First, you have to find the pokemon you want to take a picture of. So, finding a pokemon is our first step. You can try finding it on the grass.
  • Tap On The Pokemon: This will put you in capture-a-pokemon mode, where you may use your phone’s camera to see pokemon that is actually there in the real world and throw pokeballs at it to try and catch it.
  • Tap On The Camera Icon: You will see this option on the right-hand side, just a little above the Backpack option, which you need to tap.
  • Picture Taken: In the last, the camera icon has to be tapped only, after which the picture is captured with AR Snapshot. You can then save that image to the camera roll later. For better quality pictures, make sure that ARCore is installed.

What Is The Use Of Camera In Pokemon Go?

  • During the game, the camera is used to support the augmented reality feature, which combines the real world with the virtual one.
  • The camera must be launched when a target is found, which means pokemon is found whether in the streets, home, or woods.
  • You will be able to catch Smeargle pokemon by taking picture of it

How Can You Catch Smeargle By AR Snapshot?

Don’t expect to find and capture Smeargle quickly because it’s so uncommon. It might take a thousand tries before the pokemon appears, so it’s time to start. Follow these steps to try to catch it.

  • Try to take more AR Snapshots as you can take
  • Eventually, Smeargle will show up to photobomb one of your Snapshot images
  • Take a fantastic picture with Smeargle and your pokemon
  • Smeargle can be found in the wild if you leave a snapshot
  • Then, it can be caught in pokemon go just like any other pokemon

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Another fantastic feature of Pokemon Go is a snapshot, which makes it possible to interact with your favorite pokemon in the real world like never before. Just open your settings, enable camera permissions, and enjoy taking pictures with AR Snapshot mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ARCore?

Google, the parent company of Niantic, created ARCore as a more sophisticated augmented reality technology. Niantic uses and needs it to enhance the photographs in Pokemon’s Go upgraded camera mode.

How can I upload and save my pictures?

You can leave the AR snapshot mode once you have captured all the pictures you desire. Photos can be easily shared from Pokemon Go and automatically saved. You will be directed to a screen where you may select to post your pictures to various sites, emails, and other apps.

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