Binance Id Verification Not Working. What Do You Have To Do?

Millions of users all over the world have come to trust Binance as an excellent platform for both novice and experienced traders. For those who want to start their cryptocurrency investment, Binance has proved to be a better option for them. But while registering for Binance, most people are facing the “Binance Id Verification Not Working” issue. There are many reasons for it. 

If your Binance address verification failed, read this article. We have a list of both the causes and fixes for it.

Binance Id Verification Not Working? Reasons 

If you are facing Binance Id Verification not working issue, then these must be the reasons behind that:

  • Invalid Supplementary Documents
  • Document Upload Failed
  • Incomplete Residential Address
  • Exploit

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Binance Id Verification Not Working? Fixes

Invalid Supplementary Documents

  • To finish the Binance proof of address process, you must supply images and files of legitimate papers. Older documents won’t be accepted; the documents must be dated within the last three months. 
  • A bank statement, utility bills, building management data, or bank references are all acceptable on the platform. The platform has already confirmed your driver’s license and other primary documents through initial identity verification processes. 
  • The address verification will not succeed if the platform determines that the document is invalid. Your name on your Binance account must match the name on the documents. In addition, the images or scans ought to be cleared and visible at all times. 

Document Upload Error

To finish the Binance Id verification process, you need a 15-minute timeframe. You must have all the necessary documentation prepared before even beginning the process. If not, you can experience a failed upload, which would have led to the verification failing. 

In this method, it’s crucial that you double-check each file’s format before submitting it.

  • Keep in mind that you must capture the documents in vertical mode, not horizontal.
  • Additionally, it ought to be visible from every angle.
  • When uploading, incomplete images or scans will be refused.

Incomplete Residential Address

As obvious as it may seem, this is the main cause of unsuccessful address verification. Include your address’s zip code, house number, and any other pertinent information. On its official website, Binance claims that illegitimate addresses would be denied immediately.


Injustices relating to cryptocurrencies have appeared since their introduction. Hackers and tricksters have been drawn to it due to its growing popularity. As a result, the Defi industry has experienced numerous scams where millions of dollars have been lost. 

Naturally, exchanges like Binance are tightening their verification standards to stop this from happening again. While completing each step of the verification process, you must use extreme caution.

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Important Points To Keep In Mind While AffirmingYour Binance Id

It’s a tricky part to register yourself in the Binance, due to some security policies. So, these are some points that you have to take care of while authenticating for Binance.

  • You have only 15 minutes to upload your files. So, it’s essential that you pay attention to time, otherwise, you’ll have to start the process again.
  • Make sure not to reload the Binance webpage when you are inputting your details. Your identification process will be interrupted by this, and you will have to re-identify yourself.
  • Make sure the images are unfiltered, in PNG or JPEG format, and free from any editing.
  • Ths face verification procedure must be done in a well-lit area.
  • The address you manually entered must match the address on your paperwork, as was already stated. 


You know what to do to fix the address verification failed issue now that you are aware of the primary causes. However, if you run into difficulties while resolving these issues, you need to get in touch with the Binance team as soon as you can. All of this had to do with how to validate your Binance account. What are you still holding out for? Finish the verification process to begin your cryptocurrency journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use Binance without providing an Id?

You might not be able to use all the features of a cryptocurrency exchange if you don’t finish the KYC procedure. For instance, Binance enables users to create accounts, use fundamental features, and conduct a small number of transactions without providing KYC information.

How many registration attempts have you been given on Binance?

You have nine further chances to complete your registration if it is initially rejected. 

Are two verified Binance accounts allowed?

Yes, that is legal. The same verification document cannot be used for both accounts, though. The best course of action is to use your driver’s license for one account and your passport for the other. 

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