steam library not loading

Recently, some users faced issues in their Steam library. According to them, after updating their Windows 10, their Steam library is not loading properly. 

Although their Steam community is fine, and there is no major issue as such, but still quite annoying, so people want to fix it. 

You can try some troubleshooting as well as fix some issues by going to the Steam Settings tab. 

Complete detailed fixes can be discussed later in this article. 

Why Is Your Steam Library Not Loading?

If your Steam library is not loading properly, then it is not a big issue. This issue mostly occurs only when there is an issue with your Steam client. 

Either your Steam may be glitching, cache files may be corrupted, or there may be a fault in your Steam application. 

Don’t Worry!! Whatever the issue you are facing, we have some easy methods for you to fix your Steam Client. 

How To Fix Steam Library Not Loading?

Here is the list of fixes that you can try to overcome your Steam Library issue. Well!! We don’t know about the exact issue, so you have to try each method one by one to see which method can fix your issue. 

Fix 1: Restart Steam

Okay!! So, let’s start with the most basic method. Many game libraries are being loaded in the background of Steam, due to which sometimes bugs appear in the app. 

No Worries!! The bugs are actually minor, that can easily be resolved by simply restarting your Steam Application. 

Steam can somehow process the glitched programs in the background. In that case, you need to close or end the task from the Task Manager. 

Follow the steps below to end the task from the background- 

  1. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc)
  2. Go to the Details tab
  3. Right-click on the steam.exe and tap on End Process Tree. 
  4. Again, tap the End Process Tree from the confirm box
  5. Restart Steam and check whether your issue is resolved or not

Fix 2: Clear Web Browser Cache

The Steam Client works exactly like a web browser and like web browsers, Steam Client also stores cache files for faster loading times. 

And those cache files can also cause problems in the Steam Application. So, it’s better to Clear your Steam Web Browser cache, 

Follow these steps for that- 

  1. Select Steam and go to the Settings option
  2. Navigate to the In-game tab
  3. Tap on the Delete button under Delete Web Browser data
  4. Click the Confirm button 

Fix 3: Use Steam In Big Picture Mode

As soon as you open your Steam Library, you see a black screen, this issue is related to Steam’s rendering method. 

In this case, you can use your steam in a big picture mode by following these steps- 

  1. Open Steam and tap on View 
  2. Select, Big Picture Mode
  3. Select Steam Menu from the bottom left corner and check your Steam Library. Isn’t it loading properly?
  4. If Yes, then your issue is fixed

Fix 4: Update Steam

New updates keep coming for every application to add new features and remove old bugs. So, you need to update your Steam app, maybe your issue will be fixed. 

To update Steam, follow these steps- 

  1. Open Steam and tap on Steam from the menu bar
  2. Select Check for Steam Client Updates 
  3. Your updates will automatically be installed 
  4. Restart the Steam

Fix 5: Repair Steam Library

Maybe your Steam is corrupted with some Steam installation directory that needs to be repaired. For this, you can repair your Steam Library through Steam’s built-in feature. 

  1. Open Steam and go to Settings
  2. Go to the Storage tab
  3. Tap on the three-dots icon and click Repair Folder option 
  4. Select Yes to start repairing the Steam
  5. After the Repairing process is completed, tap on the Close option and load the Steam library again

Fix 6: Turn Off Compatibility Modes

In some cases, your Steam faces issues, if it is run in compatibility mode. Follow these steps to turn off the compatibility mode and see if the issue is fixed or not. 

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86) Steam.
  2. Right-click on steam.exe and go to the Properties
  3. Switch to the Compatibility tab and uncheck the tab


We hope that out of these six methods, one or the other will definitely work for you and that your Steam Library not Loading issue will properly be fixed soon.

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