Boxing Games For Oculus Quest 2 That Gives You Realistic Experience

Do you enjoy playing boxing online video games on VR? Virtual Reality boxing games are a great way to pass your time to challenge yourself.

In these kinds of games, as opposed to shooters and puzzles, our stamina, technique, and fitness all matter. 

Is it worth playing boxing games in VR? A big Yes. Boxing VR games are fantastic ways to exercise in VR, and combining this freedom with Oculus Quest 2 gives us the impression that a boxer is actually practicing his art.

That’s why “Boxing Games For Oculus Quest 2” is definitely worth playing. So, we compiled a list of some of the boxing games for Oculus Quest 2, you only have to read the article and select the game that best suits your preferences.

Boxing Games For Oculus Quest 2

  • The Thrill of the Fight
  • Creed: Rise To Glory
  • Knockout League
  • Drunken Bar Fight

Boxing Games For Oculus Quest 2 That Gives You Realistic Experience

The Thrill Of The Fight

If you want to play a realistic boxing simulator, no one can beat “The Thrill Of The Fight”. To win the coveted title of “King of the ring”, players will battle nine AI opponents who will get harder as they go, all inside a virtual gym.

This video game truly gives you the impression that you are in the ring, ducking, and delivering punches, due to its animations.

Key Features of The Thrill of the Fight

  • Great For Fitness
  • Sweat Drenching
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • The Ultimate Boxing Simulator
  • A real feeling of being a boxer

Creed: Rise To Glory

If you want to feel the rush of being a boxer in a Blockbuster movie then Creed: Rise of Glory is for you. The main feature of this game is being able to compete with friends and playing a boxing game that combines “fighting with the cinematic thrill of a blockbuster movie”.

This intensely realistic experience combines innovative Phantom Melee technology for successful VR combat so you may train, fight and prevail like Creed.

Key Features of Creed: Rise To Glory

  • Online PvP Battles
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • An Excellent Movie Tie-In Game
  • Amazing cinematic blockbuster experience

Knockout League

Knockout League is a VR boxing game. This game pays homage to classic arcade boxing titles like ready to rumble, but it punches above its weight with its outrageous characters, timing, and fight-style memory gameplay.

The mechanics and visuals work together to provide a game that I believe everyone will really love. The gameplay is entertaining and tough.

Key Features of Knockout League

  • New Enemies
  • Fun Challenges
  • Awesome Gadgets
  • Unseen Environments
  • Surprisingly Great Humor


There is nothing quite like BOXVR when it comes to giving you a great workout. Both newcomers to boxing and seasoned veterans can enjoy this game while getting in some fitness. However, BOXVR adopts a strategy like the time-based VR game Beat Saber rather than punching opponents in the ring as in conventional boxing.

Key Features of BOXVR

  • Plenty of Different Workouts
  • Play it Anywhere
  • Keep Track of How You Are Doing
  • BOXVR Has Music for Nearly Every Taste

Drunken Bar Fight

As its name suggests, Drunken Bar Fight is a VR game, that is all about drunken brawling in a bar. This game is less of a boxing simulator and more of a party game. Punch, grab, and throw objects at your adversaries or the surroundings are your only control options.

There are no rules and regulations for this game. Just a simple, enjoyable game with its little silliness and sense of humor.

Key Features of Drunken Bar Fight

  • Multiplayer and 4 player coop are available
  • Party type game 


All these boxing games that I have listed in this article give you an authentic boxing experience, cinematic qualities, fitness, humor, and many more interesting things with realistic gameplay in Oculus Quest 2. All these are easy-to-enjoy boxing games. We will wrap up this list of boxing games for Oculus Quest 2 to introduce you to the best boxing games for VR.

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